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Disaster Preparedness: Storing Your Photos.

Disaster Preparedness: Storing Your Photos.

The disaster in Fort McMurray and surrounding communities has me and everyone else praying for those people and realizing that if I were in that situation, I would be anything but prepared. And that although "stuff" can be replaced, our most precious memories that we can pass along to the next generations are often captured in photographs and preserving them is worthwhile.

I can't even imagine what these people are going through; being told you have thirty minutes to evacuate your home, possibly forever, is a surreal thought. And though as you watched video of what's going on in Fort Mac, you may have been prompted to prepare an emergency kit (I know I was), something you might not have thought about is photo storage. I told my husband that if disaster struck, of course, we'd grab the kids and probably passports but the next would be all of my hard drives chalked full of precious memories.

So this post will be short and sweet but may save some important memories down the road for you.

Keep everything OFF your computer and on an external hard drive. You can get a 1TB for about $100 bucks or less, a cute li'l black box with a USB port that's easy to store a bunch in your closet. Another major suggestion for you is to keep copies of these off-site at either your best friend's house or your mom's place. This will ensure if disaster strikes, they are stored elsewhere. There are also many online or in-the-cloud options you can use: Drop box and Google Drive are two that work well. I'm sure there are many others at this stage of the digital era.

There are also desktop external hard drives that I use for more client-based purposes. I have multiple 3TB, 4TB and a 5TB that I use. These are also all Western digital and Sea gate brands. My fav place here in the city to purchase these are in the north end at OTV, it's a super place full of technical wizards. You can also grab some basic ones at London Drugs or Best Buy as well.

I hope this helps you find peace of mind knowing that your images are taken care of and of course, please remember that NOW is the time to make an emergency kit. And don't keep it in a hard-to-access area. I hope you never need to evacuate taking only what you need, but if you do: grab and go.

xo, j



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