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Be BOLD & Bright! Makeup Artist feature: Caitlyn Dixon & Ginette Hall

Be BOLD & Bright! Makeup Artist feature: Caitlyn Dixon & Ginette Hall

As spring is beginning to roll in, boutiques and social media are flooded with spring/summer '16 styles - as a photographer I am instantly inspired and ready to begin shooting some spring creatives, and say ciao to winter! (hopefully for good!). 

A few month back I spent a creative Sunday-Funday with Regina based makeup artists, Caitlyn Dixon & Ginette Hall in my studio here in Saskatoon. These two extremely talented artists came prepared with their creative minds racing, bold colour inspiration, and immaculate eyes for beauty. Not to mention they are absolute sweethearts and I adore working with them. We knocked out an array of beautiful spring inspired looks, transforming one model - one of my local favourites and good friend - the stunning Kristen Antunes. This girl can rock anything. 


Artist Feature: Meet Ginette & Caitlyn!

Ginette Hall was born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan and has been working as a Makeup Artist for the past 8 years.  She first began her journey in makeup with MAC Cosmetics in Regina. After falling in love with the world of beauty she soon jetted off to Vancouver, British Columbia to pursue her dream of becoming a makeup artist. 

In Vancouver, Ginette attended the prestigious makeup school of Blanche MacDonald where she completed her Global Makeup Artist Diploma with honours.  While in Vancouver she continued to work at MAC cosmetics.  And also had many opportunities, one of which was doing makeup for the Vancouver Housewives series.

After her year of education, Ginette decided to return to Regina, Saskatchewan and continue her career with MAC cosmetics and soon grew to become the Retail Manager with over 7 years retail experience.

Ginette has had many opportunities through the company such as doing makeup for Tanya Kim and Ben Mulroney of eTalk Canada.  And working on the Junos with musical artists like Metric, The Dragonettes, and The Sheep Dogs to name the a few. She was also chosen to do Melanie Berry's makeup, the CEO of the Junos. Some of Ginette's work can be found in Chatelaine Magazine for Rachel Meilke of Hillberg and Berk as well as a few published makeups in PINK Magazine.

As of November 2015, Ginette has taken a leap, full force into the freelance world and loves every minute of it. You can find Ginette in her new studio inside Salon 306 of Regina! On top of running her studio and freelance business, educating others is important in Ginette's career.  She enjoys guest speaking at Richards Beauty College and loves teaching and building relationships with the students.

 Favourite makeup trends of Ginette’s have always been perfected, glowing skin with a sultry, smoky eye.  “Because, everyone deserves to feel a little sexy!”

Ginette's looks on Kristen were all about the eyes. 

"Wearing color on your eyes has never been so easy!  Add colour in a simple and comfortable way! Going into spring, we see pops of colors in bright/ pastel hues.  Using either colored mascara, liner or a bright shadow will give you this trendy effect."

1) Apply blue mascara generously until you reach your desired look. (NYX Colour Mascara)

2) Apply teal liquid liner along the lashes and create a wing.  If you are feeling adventurous add a subtle line, in the same colour, through the crease! (NYX Vivid Brights Liner)

3) Apply a violet shadow all over the lid and blend upwards towards the brow stopping at the crease. (NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadow in Lolita)

"If your eyes are the focus this spring season, remember to keep the skin simple!  Play with the skins textures adding highlighter or a finishing spray and don’t forget to toss on your favourite neutral lip!"

Creative photo tip! Try shooting through objects to create texture or softness in your images. These images I shot through plexiglass with scratches, and glycerine to create a wet "window" look. Other creative ways I like to add texture in camera is by holding crystals near my lens catching light that enters the camera. Or on out door shoots, try shooting through leaves, flowers, branches for added effect! 

For Ginette's set, I wanted a bright an airy look to carry out that spring vibe, I had a combination of natural light from windows behind us, a soft box camera left, and white reflector under the plexiglass.


Caitlyn Dixon is a fashion and beauty makeup artist originally from Saskatchewan. She trained at Blanche MacDonald Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia where she learned all areas of makeup artistry. In 2012, Caitlyn competed in IMATS Toronto's student competition called 'Battle of the Brushes' in the fantasy category. Caitlyn has been a key makeup artist at Saskatchewan Fashion Week in 2013 and 2014.

In 2015, Caitlyn won L'Oreal Paris' 'The Brush Contest' in Canada and went on to compete internationally against ten other countries at the 68th Annual Cannes Film Festival where she finished in the top three! 

Caitlyn did her final makeup look on supermodel, Soo Joo Park. Since then she has worked various events for L’Oreal including the position of lead makeup artist for Whistler Film Festival. As a makeup artist, Caitlyn's goal is to bring out the very best in each person that sits in her chair. She has a confidence that is clear to everyone which puts her clients at ease. 

FEATURES: (click to view)


She believes that every single person is beautiful and deserves to feel it and see it! 

Caitlyn's focus on her looks in the shoot were a bold lip, fresh brows, and flawless skin. Paired with custom nails for each look also designed by Caitlyn, and matching earrings by Fifth Avenue Collection.

"I absolutely loved working with Erin Crooks, Kristen Antunes + Ginette Hall. A great group of talented like-minded ladies. The first thing I did to find inspiration for this shoot was analyze my portfolio and that’s when I decided I needed more lip focused shots. This was the perfect opportunity to do a lip series. 

We started out shooting Ginette’s looks first and they were very fresh and spring-inspired. Perfect for the season and Kristen looked amazing. I loved how Ginette brought in a graphic liner with a soft look, it created the most perfect contradiction and added a sense of edge which to me really brings balance to an image. 

I found inspiration in my “Double The Fun” earrings from Fifth Avenue Collection that I decided to pair with all 3 looks. I made pointed nails that matched both the lips + the earrings in each set. The whole idea with a lip focus is that you keep the skin clean and flawless, while all features besides the lips are completely neutral. I ended up using L’Oreal Paris’ Silkissime eyeliner in Cobalt for the blue lips, it is very creamy + glided on so beautifully. The looks came together really well and I am so pleased with the end result. Erin captured the clean, crisp beauty style so effortlessly and Kristen is an absolute natural beauty! These images are exactly what I want to portray in my professional portfolio. 

It was a pleasure working with such a wonderful team and I can’t wait for our next collaboration on my next trip home! 

Caitlyn xo"

Creative photo tip! For these images we wanted the focus to be completely on Kristen, but a plain paper backdrop seemed to lack some luster - we used my large silver reflector as our backdrop to add some metalic texture. I lit these beauty shots with one large soft box above Kristen, and another reflector on her lap to fill in shadows. This set up supplied an evenly lit shot, with highlights in all the right places!

To view more of Ginette & Caitlyn's work, visit their websites

Anddddd keep up with them on Instagram, @caitlyndixon & @mkupbygin 

All images by Erin Crooks WWW.ERINCROOKS.COM

Erin, xoxo

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