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Fitness for ALL!

Fitness for ALL!

I get asked tons where I first of all find the time to work out but where I do it! Well last week I brought my camera to class, nabbed a few shots and also had my friend tammy pop over to shoot some of me in action along with my other bootcamper's.  Thank you so much tam!

So I have been taking these classes upwards of 5.5 years now. In between each and every kiddo and whenever I can. Which leads me to introducing my kickass trainer Jordan Kapphahn. K RUSH FIT. Its not only Jordan. It's his whole family. His mom Norma, father bill and sister Lauren also teach classes with a huge level of professionalism and knowledge. But most importantly their awareness of safety is their number one. If you're able to attend any of their classes you're in for a treat.This guy has got me back into size 4 jeans twice. So hoping it works round three here again. It's such a process for me. The classes I usually take of Jordan's is the butts and gutts class as well as the total body sculpt. They are one hour in length and whip your butt into shape. Don't be scared he's not a drill sergeant ... well sometimes he wears an army hat and shirt that I think adds to my soreness the next day, but it's the best kind of hurt. I love it!

SPRA, YMCA, CPR-C/First Aid and AED Certified

Individual Conditioning (YMCA Levels I, II, III), Group Resistance, Group Core and Stretch, and Group Fitness. Jordan has a background in mixed martial arts, weight lifting and running.  The best trainers have lived experience in sport participation and body conditioning. Jordan has taken this lived experience, and has combined it with extensive training in the YMCA fitness certification program.

Jordan designs his group fitness classes to target multiple muscle groups using multi-plane functional movements. Combining cardiovascular exercise with resistance training guarantees a full body workout.  

In addition to his personal training and group fitness education,  Jordan is also a massage therapy student at the Professional Institute of Massage Therapy. Jordan is guided by a philosophy of natural health, wellness and well being.  

Whether your objective is to get back into shape, maintain a healthy body, or condition for sport, Jordan will help you reach your goal!

Jordan is extremely passionate about his job. You will know that within the first 5 min of class. it shows. He also offers personal training as well. So if you want the full meal deal be sure to contact him to ask any questions you may have.

We do kettle bells, bosu ball, battle ropes (these are insane but really fun), weights and tons of body weight. Each and every exercise is demonstrated by Jordan or the other trainers, his family, Bill, Norma or Lauren, so you won't be left in the dark not knowing what to do.

All you have to bring is your water bottle, towel if needed and your runners... oh and don't forget your positive attitude!! I really encourage you all to sign up. The classes run for 8-12 weeks and are only $25-$40 dollars. and yes not per class for the whole duration. See, it's a no brainer people!!

I can not say enough bout these classes. Not only the class A training that you receive but the cost is so affordable. There's really no excuse not to come out and join class. They are all available across the city in Silverwood Heights Community association, River Heights Community association, Lake ridge association and new to the list my hood of stone bridge you can contact through

So come on out, give it a try. It's fun and so good for you! See you there!!

most all images by: boehmer photography. A few by moi in there and all edited by deMo Photography.

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