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Wanuskewin workshop - Moss Bags

All photography by  Desiree Martin Photography

All photography by Desiree Martin Photography

If you are a local to YXE and have never been out to Wanuskewin Heritage Park just outside of the city you are missing out!  I have to admit, it was my first winter visit!  I usually head out there in the warmer seasons to stroll and enjoy the land and history most often with a dance performance or special event/tour.  My friend Ally posted that she was signing up for a FREE workshop (supplies included) to make moss bags.  I called IMMEDIATELY to sign up with her, and I'm so glad I jumped on it because the class filled in one day as soon as registration opened up.  Ally and I are both expecting babies and figured a day out at Wanuskewin crafting some moss bags for our babes sounded like a perfect day!  Add on a cafeteria with delicious lunch options and a performance following the class with some local dancers and our day was complete!  Read on to enjoy our visit and find out more about their upcoming FREE class schedule!

On to the workshop portion:  

The class started out with us picking our materials from several options so everyone could customize their moss bags to their preference.  We all had a talk from the instructor about how she started making moss bags and got to check out some of her beautiful creations as examples. We then jumped right in, shared the sewing machines and got right to it! There were always someone around to help if you were stuck on a step or having any difficulty.  

Ally working on her beautiful green moss bag. 

Ally working on her beautiful green moss bag. 

it had been so long since I used a sewing machine, but it all came back!

it had been so long since I used a sewing machine, but it all came back!

Selfie time and some pics of our finished moss bags!  Both so excited to test them out with our babies inside soon!

Below are the final moss bags from all of the participants.  It was really incredible how many different combinations were made up with just a few supplies, no two moss bags were identical! 

Check out the upcoming workshops, I promise a great time!  Just remember to call and signup ASAP for registration as they do not take long to fill up.  I mean, they are FREE!  

Next, to finish up our lovely day we got to enjoy a family of dancers. Their performance was incredible to say the least!  It included singing, dancing and talks in between to explain the origin, names and importance of each dance, really focusing on the need to care for our community and the land that we are blessed to share.  Scroll through to enjoy their moves and beautiful intricate traditional attire.  

Below is a sound-clip and slideshow of a 13 year old named Bluejay.  I could not get over his presence and maturity in the way he carried himself and performed.  Listen to the clip and check out the beautiful photos by me :) (Desiree Martin Photography)

Group shots following their performance.  A huge thank you to Curtis, Kira, Teedly, Bluejay, Light and Newborn for their beautiful performance. 

Once again, thank you to Wanuskewin for the day!

xo, dm

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