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Family Photos? - what to wear

SO you've got your shoot booked by your fav photographer, you're hair appointment made and lashes on.... now the all famous stress out... WHAT TO WEAR!

Well my friends. It's ok. You'll get this sorted. My first and foremost rule is BE YOURSELVES! Take your daily casual wear and dazzle it up a bit with pixie dust and boom you've got your outfits.

My personal preference is STAY AWAY from the matchy match. Please note this is my personal preference and something I suggest to all of my clients. but if that's your thing then rock it out!

I like to start with a color palette. Here I chose creams, blues, blacks, whites and beige. I also like to mix the patterns. Floral + stripes totally makes my heart sing. especially on kiddos. nothing cuter.


Also note that with the wee ones, you will likely be holding them alot so match the youngest to your top half as well as dad's. The older ones usually hang off the leg or run away from ya. so they're good being more on the clashy yet complementary end of things.

above images done by yours truly: deMo Photography

Left to right:

Enver: joe fresh sweater and booties and zara jeans | Harlow: all zara | Moi: top zara, necklace: Sea Worthy available online or locally at Green Ark Home Collected and Aritzia jeans and Jeffery campbell studded boots | Sloan: Zara floral dress with Zara skinny jeans and boots (not pictures) | my man: blue tee and buffalo jeans and last min shoes from joe fresh.


images by Jesslaine Elise Photography

So of course I changed last min ha... I'm a woman. it's what we do people! So shirt is now one I picked up from winners and jeans are buffalo david bitton.

I also need to add here, no matter what you wear to your shoot... have fun and be yourselves and most importantly... print our shit!!! get those beautiful images on your walls. the fun and the laughter. enjoy it daily. it makes your heart happier.. I promise.

xo, j



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