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Make Waves with Your Beach Style

Make Waves with Your Beach Style

maygen kardash and nikki romanoff beach style

It seems to me that swimwear gets forgotten in terms of being an outfit. We put more energy into an outfit worn grocery shopping than to a whole day at the beach. Is it that we don't want to look like we're trying? Or is it just that functionality is the only thing on our minds? Well, whether you're squeezing in a hot holiday before the snow melts or you're just looking forward to hot weather hangouts by the river, you'll be in swimwear soon and I've got some suggestions on how to liven up what you wear waterside, without spending an extra penny!

Oh, and I should mention this babe I'm with is my sister in law, Nicole Romanoff and that unless I comment otherwise, the photos were taken by my brother, S.J. Kardash. Thanks to my parents for putting us in the beautiful scenery of Jamaica.

LAYERING isn't just for cooler climates. I've talked before about the "rule of 1 more", where it takes one more piece to make a strictly functional outfit really sing, and beach wear is no different. You're not going to wear a cardi or kimono in the water, but in the sun it's breezy, protects your shoulders from burns, and of course, it completes a look. No need to buy a beach caftan, either: these pieces are in your closet already. You can play with matching patterns (like my fun stripe theme) or opt for a contrasting mix. Or, use a similar texture like Nikki's lace duo. The best part about layering is it changes up your look, so your old swimsuit can take on new lives over and over again!

beach footwear gladiators

GREAT SANDALS beat flip flops any day. You wear them with dresses and shorts already so let your cuter shoes pull double duty. And yeah, okay, my mid-calf gladiators might be pushing it in terms of practicality, but Nikki's Sam Edelmans hit the mark perfectly. 

ACCESSORIZE with your favourite necklace, a bracelet, or both. You're wearing plenty of sunscreen anyway (right?) so don't worry too much about tan lines. A great pair of sunnies is a no-brainer, too. I love Nikki's Stella McCartneys (and though hers are from last year, they were a Spareparts find and I'm always on board with their selection).

SHOW YOUR TRUE COLOURS. I'm a Saskie girl through and through, so do I own a Rider bikini? You better believe I do. My advice isn't to just buy your hometown sports team merch, but rather to wear what speaks to your personality rather than just whatever the top-selling style of the year is. To complete the outfit above, I'm wearing my go-to kimono, purchased at Tonic in Saskatoon. p.s. These photos were taken by Nikki (Nicole Romanoff Photography)!

A GREAT HAT will keep the sun out of your eyes, the wind from completely trashing your hair, and literally tops off an outfit, even if that outfit is just a one-piece. (Making cameos in the above gallery are my baby girl Petra, my husband Ty, and my awesome parents.) 

Seems simple to up your beach style game, right? IT IS. Now go dig through your swimwear drawer and dream up great new ways to wear your same old suits.

Red Lotus

Red Lotus