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The Effortlessly Chic How-To


You know the outfit. The one that looks so put-together and polished but at the same time, easy, fun, and comfortable. Maybe you have a few go-tos yourself, or maybe you just have friends who have the magic touch, turning T-shirts or a simple dress into instagram-worthy style. The look is effortlessly chic, and today we're going to look at what goes into making it happen. We OCM girls attended a Valentine event by Lux Events (and if you haven't seen Joc's post about it yet, CLICK HERE to do so because it was gorge) and I asked Desiree Martin to take some photos of all of our outfits because I felt like they spoke to this concept. So without further ado, let's dive into style.

Photos by Desiree Martin Photography.

For me, the look is all about showing off one unique piece in combination with some faves. Some people call it the "rule of 3" because unless you're on a beach, a great outfit is never just two things. But if all three things are boring, you still don't have a goodie, so "rule of 1 more" makes more sense to me. My one more here? A tie-dyed kimono cardi I bought at Tonic that stands out when paired with everyday black demin, faded black silk-cotton tank, and wedge booties. Because the whole dealio was rather monochromatic (and because I had like zero time to get ready thanks to my baby), I swiped on some fuschia lipstick and threw on the statement necklace I'd worn the day before. It was sitting by my keys. I suppose with the necklace, you could argue I followed the "rule of 2 more".  ;)

If you know Karyn, you know she always looks enviably polished, even when she's wearing ripped jeans. How does she do it? By keeping her hair and makeup chic and always choosing to ground her style in black. For her Lux event ensemble, her thigh-high boots were the life of the party. The suede finish is casual and Karyn often wears them over skinnies, but she decided to dare a little skin to show with this elegant eggplant shift. I love the choice. It especially works for a daytime look because the moto jacket slung over her shoulders keeps it all so chill. 

Erin is also a lover of black and her statement piece was a killer necklace with that edge for which Erin is known. And though she could wear this to a nighttime event, the drape of the dress keeps the feel easy rather than stiff and the bootie shoes are a more casually on-trend (not to mention comfy) choice than a traditional heel.

Kelsi loves rompers, and what's not to love? They give the illusion of a dress, with the freedom of shorts or pants! They're her go-to choice for events that are between casual and formal and she chose this sequined champagne one for the event because it's easy and fits her ever-growing baby bump. Paired with nude heels (because no distracting lines= longer legs, obv) and a black floral blazer, the look is fashionable and functional. 

Also blessed with a baby bump (though now with an actual BABY GIRL named Monaco!!), Desiree, being a bit of a boho goddess, also opted for a kimono from Tonic, this one being the Stella, available for $174. She is obviously on the same page as me about choosing one item and letting it revel in the glory of being a statement. What I love about the white kimono over the black basics beneath is both its texture and contrast.

Somehow, the only person to wear blue jeans was Jocelyn! I'm glad she did, though, because it illustrates the elements that elevated them to girl party glam: a killer pair of statement heels (bonus for the pop of blue!), a rolled cuff to show off those shoes (because eyes love contrast most of all), LAYERS (this is a "rule of 1 more" key), and jewelry that's easygoing and lets those shoes be the stars. For Joc, the secret to 'effortlessly chic' is that the outfit's comfy enough to be a mom in, but still has an edge.

What I  love about our group is the range of style within, and Susan is one of the dressiest. Known for her love of vintage charm (she is Rosie and the Riviters' PR gal, after all), I wouldn't be surprised if I popped by her house and she answered the door in kitten heels and a circle skirt. So for Susan, this Tonic-purchased jumpsuit (the Sophia, $135) embodies her personal laid-back elegance. The colour is dusty, the drape is divine, and the accessories of a fur stole and necklace look such a natural pair. I feel like this proves any outfit to be effortless if your smile says it is. 



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