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Day-to-Night Must-Haves for Your Modern Mini

I think any mom would agree it feels like the only thing that's faster-growing than the industry of kid products is our kids themselves. As I navigate the market trying to avoid items bound to end up in a charity pile, I often draw on the advice of review sites and other savvy mamas and today, I'm passing along some of that sage shopping guidance. Taking you morning 'til night, this list of products will delight your kiddo and leave you feeling satisfied with your parental purchases.

Photos by Karyn Kimberley

Foreo ISSA Mini toothbrush

Start your morning without the struggle of traditional tooth-brushing. I can't WAIT until Petra is old enough to use this soft, silicone vibrating brush because this tech item is, by all accounts, life-changing. Kids love the feel of the ISSA Mini because it's gentle on gums but you'll love it because it's stronger against plaque, plus the happy face that signals when your kid has brushed enough acts like a sticker reward. Ages 5+.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack

Make a trip to preschool or daycare a special event by packing your child's essentials in a bright and friendly Skip Hop pack. With comfy straps and animal inspiration like this new Cody Chameleon design, your little one will be excited to venture forth. And because it's from Skip Hop, you know the construction is not only cute but incredibly durable. Ages 3+.

Skip Hop Lunchie and Zoo Straw Bottle

Available to match the chameleon backpack or in other adorable colourways, the Lunchie is well-insulated to keep grapes and Baby Bell (or maybe you've managed to raise a child that will eat something else) at just the right temperature. As for the Zoo Bottle, Petra here was so excited about it when she first got it that I filled it with water twice in half an hour. Let's just say I won't be quite so indulgent again... but hey, she loves it. Lunch Pack ages 3+, Zoo Bottle 12mo+.

Music Together books and CDs

If there's one early childhood education program I trumpet louder than any other, it's Music Together, and the take-home materials have been a life saver on car rides to and fro. I pop one of these CDs in whenever fussiness kicks in and bam, instant calm. The board books, available for order the Music Together site or in Saskatoon at Move N Soar (where Petra takes the class) provide an opportunity for every age: the youngest can enjoy the colorful illustrations and the older kids can sharpen their sight-reading since they're all written ver begin from favorite Music Together songs. A bonus for musicians like myself is the take-home materials also include a songbook with notation so you can play guitar or piano accompaniment at home! 

Enso by Buddha Board

Even after naptime disappears from your schedule, munchkins need time to decompress and the Zen-inducing Enso drawing board is the perfect after-lunch activity to quiet the body and mind. Using a special pen that dispenses warm water as you brush it gently along the board, Enso is mess-free, waste-free, and is equally enjoyable for a mom who wants a still moment if her monkey refuses to relax. Ages 5+.

Tattly Temporary Tattoos

Whether your little just needs an afternoon pick-me-up or has a friend over after school, Tattly temporary tattoos are a surefire hit. Created by real artists, you have to browse the site to believe what a fun, on-trend, and extensive collection Tatly offers. From skateboarding rainbows and ice cream cones to pirate ships and wayfarers, there are designs to suit every personality. I suggest ordering a whole schwack to have on hand for break-glass-in-case-of-boredom situations, not to mention birthday party loot bags.

Alex Bath Writers

Bathtime is made so much better when it doubles as a creative outlet! This 4-pack of liquid soap crayons includes one container of gold glitter soap, reminiscent of the many times you sported that look to a rave. Oh, was that just me? Didn't feel like it at the time, my friend.

Thanks to photographer and OCMer Karyn Kimberley for capturing these photos of her little guy Noah and my girl Petra. Our babes only had a ball playing with all of this stuff! They're proof positive that this little guide will steer you in the right direction whether you're beginning your Christmas shopping or just injecting some new joy into your kiddo's daily routine. Either way, happy shopping! 

xoMaygen + Karyn

p.s. Love Petra's little dress? It's locally made right here in Saskatoon! Check out Rain Melody for more great fabrics and patterns.

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