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The Best-Dressed List: SFDF Runway 2016

The Best-Dressed List: SFDF Runway 2016

best of saskatoon street style runway sfdf 2016

We're still buzzing from last night's Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival Runway event. Not only were the showcased collections progressive and wearable and the marketplace so darn shop-able (can I please own every Soulfari crystal piece please?) but the crowd was lookin' fine in the beautiful Bess Hotel. We simply couldn't help but put together a best-in-show fashion post of the attendees. And although we missed a few stylish folks seen from afar because it's slower going navigating through a mingling crowd (we're looking at you, distant lady in the silver brocade miniskirt), we managed to corner and photograph some well-dressed people with a unique sense of style.   

Written by Maygen Kardash // Photos by Karyn Kimberley

fur trend saskatoon runway 2016


Sporting some fabulous faux fur, this is Maddie. Maddie often makes last-minute style decisions and this night was no different. We were attracted to the texture of her fur, which she picked as a stand-out piece since the rest of her ensemble was on the architectural side.

fur trend saskatoon sfdf


Also warm on the furry trend is Maddie's mom, whose outfit's texture attracted our eyes independently of her beautiful daughter. Allison tried on lots of outfits and sent them to to daughter who ultimately picked the winner. We loved seeing these two and all the other mom-and-daughter duos last night!


ashley closet space blog


If you've been following the SFDF instagram feed, you'll recognize this face from her live feed takeover. Ashley's blog Closet Space focuses on both global and local fashion and unsurprisingly, her outfitting choice last night stood out in the crowd. A lover of texture and the over-the-top fur trend, Ashley believes in rising to every occasion in a unique way. She showed off her softer side in this purple sweater paired with long white trousers and a statement necklace with icy appeal.

carrie gates visual artist saskatoon


Visual artist Carrie Gates was live-vj'ing her creations as the models strutted their stuff. Her glitchy and bold creative leanings were channeled perfectly in her pop-art vintage blouse and was topped appropriately with a fun french beret. In our opinion, it's that playfulness that makes Carrie's work and personality so attractive.

laurie brown alex simon

Alex and Laurie

We caught White Dhalia's retail stylist/ SFDF conference speaker Alex Simon and designer Laurie Brown mid-convo and snagged a photo of the photogenic friends. Alex always chooses pieces like this big fur and embellished cami that are edgy with a feminine twist while Laurie's signature style often incorporates a blazer with classic tailored lines.


candace fox saskatoon


SFDF alumni Candace Fox may be known for her high heels but last night, we were otherwise fascinated with her outfit. Dressed nearly casually otherwise, her Sova topper was all the wow factor she needed.


bano eemee


Like any showcasing designer should do, Aleem Arif of Bano eeMee wore a creation of his own, a bomber whose pattern was just wild enough to attract our attention instantly but laid-back enough to ease into street style. Also, and this is a little off-topic, but did you know that Lady Gaga recently wore one of his pieces? I would have congratulated Aleem except he was so humble I only found out that piece of info at the end of the night. UM AMAZING. 


kate matthews and sarah

Sarah and Kate

The choker necklace is going strong and Sarah's was a departure from the norm. It's her favourite in her collection and she was disappointed when it went missing so she's giving this guy extra wears now that it's reappeared! As an SFDF Stylist, you'd expect Kate's outfit to be chic and she didn't disappoint. With pieces from Saskatoon-based jewelry line Artifacts around her neck and wrist, she gives more than lip service to shopping local.

joelle tomlinson saskatoon


MC for the evening Joelle had seven outfits on the docket and bravely let her boyfriend choose from the array. His pick of the gold sparkly top gave the long-owned piece its first wear ever, so maybe the secret to breaking out of your comfort zone is to bring in an impromptu and unsuspecting stylist!

sfdf runway street style 2016


Cheers to those who stepped outside their comfort zone! This bell-sleeved tunic is an outfit Morgan of The Princess Shop wouldn't normally wear but bought just for this event.

menswear saskatoon street style


We stopped Mike for one obvious reason: his blue hat. It turns out this fashion enthusiast is in town from Toronto to check out the shows and was wearing Yohji Yamamoto head to toe. 

sfdf 2016.jpeg

Darla and Nykea

Also sporting a blue hat in a similar hue was Nykea whose mom was so equally stylish that we had to snap their photo together. Their secret to effortless outfitting? Keep it interesting and transitional. They'd actually just come from a baby shower!

trianna saskatoon street style


Kylie Jenner's Yeezy boots gave life to the socks-over-heels DIY trend and we are loving it. We spotted a few ladies rocking the look last night but we especially loved it with Trianna's longline blazer which balanced the outfit perfectly.


teesha boho saskatoon style


We fell in love at first sight with this boho blouse, which Teesha picked up at White Dhalia. When mostly dark solid colours abound, this is the kind of piece that stands out.


menswear floral trend 2016


We love dudes in florals duds. What else can exude this kind of confidence? Nate picked this blazer up on some "crazy website" and admits he often takes odd fashion risks (and that it's a bonus when it's a cheap thrill).


menswear floral pattern trend 2016


Guys were bringing us flowers left and right! Zac here says he "probably" takes more fashion risks than some of friends but "definitely" more than the other accountants he works with. This shirt, like most of his, came from RW&Co.

floral jumpsuit trend 2016


The blooms weren't just for boys, and we loved this all-over pattern on Alexandra. A friend helped her pick this smashing suit out at winners and last night was the perfect occasion for its debut. A jumpsuit fan in general, Alexandra says they're great for travel, too since they're one and done.


berlyn sfdf runway.jpeg


We saw this fan of fashion photographer Erin Crooks taking photos of the models just like her idol and we were smitten. Her lace-sleeved dress with peter pan collar comes from a favourite store in her mama's home town of melfort.

melissa squire sfdf 2016


The headlining designer herself represented her brand well with the colour, playfulness, and sass we expect from a Melissa Squire outfit. (Last night's Runway collection offered an evolution of her signature look, though, and I cannot WAIT to blog about this textured mustard vest that dropped my jaw.)


cedar and vine sfdf 2016

Jo and Tyya

These two minds behind Cedar and Vine are usually found in own designs as the brand is based on their personalities. Natural, easy, and bohemian, the pieces attract like-minded people to their brand. 

erin nicole haute couture lashes 2016


You know this story: when she was a kid, this curly-haired goddess wanted long straight hair. Now, she embraces her signature curls! Erin is the owner of Erin Nicole Lash Haute Couture so she went all black with her outfitting so she could be a canvas for the lashes.

Congratulations to us for the quick turn-around on this post. Yay us! Now, off to Day Two of Runway by SFDF. What will you be wearing?

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