DIY: christmas pots

I've always admired those beautiful full Christmas pots. you know the ones displayed outside the doors of garden architecture or Anthology. The one's you see scrolling on instagram by all these high end bloggers.

Well I opted this year to make my own. Save a bit on costs and always make for a super fun afternoon with my kiddos. (excuse the iphone shots) - some photography by my 6 yr old Sloan.

instead of buying sticks we headed out to our land down valley road, sawzall in hand, and cut our own sticks. We had the best little afternoon while big sis was at school. Not to mention how gorgeous this november afternoon ended up being. We turned it into a picnic and did some adventuring.

So home with our sticks, I stopped off at superstore and bought some bows of green and a few decorative red sticks. and that's it! I emptied out my current pots from summer and started assembling my pot. (ps: I just drove by superstore the other day and there are still bows sitting out) - have fun and please post your rendition of christmas pots for us to see! #collectivemusepots