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The Simple Things - Revisited

The Simple Things - Revisited

More than a few years ago I contributed a reflective post titled, The Simple Things.  If you missed it, you can read it here.  A journal of sorts, intended to capture the everyday joys of life, my hopes in sharing would be that it would motivate some readers to slow down and reflect on the greatness that surrounds them daily.  I wanted to focus on the "normal" days where we aren't necessarily celebrating milestones or dressing up for instagram worthy events, but rather living our imperfect lives - as Mothers, working towards our goals.  Designed to document the life and love that we're blessed with (yes, even on the messy, tired and occasional off-days), I encourage you to follow suit and keep a notebook to scribble away in.  Time flies (especially with children) so this has provided a light reflection of the happenings during each step along the way for us. Today I share an updated entry on the beauty of the everyday with my one and only, Noah.    

So here's to the beauty and grace of the mundane.  May it provide us with a gentle reminder of how totally fortunate we are.  Celebrate the small things, fill your soul, embrace the challenges, and please, ....slow the heck down.  


Making: reservations at our fave spot - Odd Couple.  He's making the most intricate Lego city - I'm blown away by his imagination and creativity.

Cooking: Roasted cauliflower - I really could eat this everyday.  

Drinking: Jasmin Green tea - it's pure goodness. There's always a hot cup at my desk.  And that Night Oven kombucha.  It's everything to me.   

Reading: Everything.  He's putting his very own library card to use with stacks of books daily. Fashion & Lifestyle blogs are my go-to, but I've been enjoying the occasional glossy too.  Porter Magazine has the most lovely images.  

Wanting: A trip out west to visit my best.  Live music, laughs and sea wall strolls with Kim would be absolute perfection.  Friendship is ALWAYS the best medicine.  He's wanting to hit the driving range with a double scoop of bubble gum ice cream - as always. 

Looking: At the sun shining through the windows.  I'm drawn to bright, uplifting light.  He's admiring a faded temporary tattoo on his hand and the ants he's collected. 

Playing: Ball - this little slugger never fails to amaze.  He's also playing chemist with his prized science kit.

Sewing: Nothing at all.  And I'm totally ok with that.  

Wishing: For a bright and beautiful future for sweet N.  

Enjoying: Fresh air blowing my hair, sunshine on my skin and the scent of lilacs on my evening runs.  It's just the best.  I stop to take these moments in and give thanks.  It really is that simple.  

Waiting: for him to return to me.  Two days seem like a lifetime when you're away from your child.  He's counting down the days to summer holidays.  

Liking: more like obsessing over Kendrick Lamar's new album, DAMN.  He's loving Lego, Ben 10 and trips to Kinsmen Park.

Wondering: What each Superheroes' powers are - Yep, seriously.  Just googled it.   And I'll never stop wondering what he'll be like as a young man. 

Loving: the opportunities I have to create art, content and connections with local entrepreneurs.  He adores swimming and skateboarding lessons.  And I just can't leave this out... I'm LOVING and feeling totally grateful for the friendships in my life - from concerts and roadys to evening walks and patio hangs, these moments fill my soul.   

Hoping: this world can be a little more kind to each other.  He's hoping to #savethebees by planting his honey bee seeds.  

Marveling: At this tiny human and all the love and light he embodies.  It's beyond beautiful to see his interactions with others.  This kid, that heart of gold.

Needing: A few more hours in the day and a strong coffee... or cocktail.

Smelling: Coconut oil - my favourite multi-purpose wonder.  

Wearing: The usual - black.  Bodysuits, high waist jeans and Stan Smith's make up my Mom-uniform most days.  He's wearing his go-to Hardpressed tees, destroyed denim and the most adorable pint-size Nike runners (swoon).

Following: The fine and uplifting ladies over at The Connection Corner.  If you're not, I suggest you do - you're heart will be full.  Promise.  

Noticing: How the beautiful golden highlights in his hair shine in the sun, how big he's getting (I know, I say this everyday) and his major vocabulary.   

Knowing: That time moves quick and to be grateful for every moment.   

Thinking: I should cut bangs - the debate I have all. the. time.  

Opening: an email from a dear friend.  Time and distance don't change a thing where our connection is concerned.  

Giggling: til it hurts

Feeling: The love - all of it.  

There you have it.  A day in the life.  Simple, messy and oh so beautiful. 

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"being IN the photos"

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