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Brows on Fleek

Brows on Fleek

Meet Genevieve Barlas, CPCP, owner, operator and permanent makeup genius at Revive Clinic in Saskatoon.  When I first met Genevieve, I was completely taken by her beauty and energy. Gentle and confident, this kind soul has an incredible gift and how lucky are we that she shares her incredible craft and expertise locally.  

Her experience in the industry spans from over thirty years in the cosmetic and beauty industry.  Early beginnings as a student, practitioner then instructor shaped the way for mastering her passion as a permanent makeup technician.  With time, experience and invested education, Genevieve pursued her passion and curiosity of the cosmetic tattooing world.  She first ordered any textbooks that were available and began to study the fundamentals. Next, she travelled the globe for classes that offered the most innovative training and techniques. Genevieve chose to begin her studies in Toronto and became a member of SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Practitioners).  Following the SPCP guidelines, she trains under their strict standards to maintain the highest level of service. In the spring of 2016, she was awarded for achieving the highest score internationally on the internationally recognized CPCP exam (Certified Permanent Cosmetic Practitioner). Genevieve continually attends masterclasses internationally for the most innovative and leading information.   

Since opening Revive Clinic Cosmetic Tattooing in Saskatoon, Genevieve has been highly recommended and sought after by the most discerning clients.  To say she’s in high demand is an understatement.  There’s reason why Saskatoon lines up to see her. Booking an appointment is a snap on line – Visit to book.  Her expertise and quality of service is simply the best and totally worth the wait.  Knowing how much I would love my brows, I'd wait years to get in and see her.   


Revive Clinic's cosmetic service menu includes lash, brow and lip enhancement, however, her services also expand to the medical world helping cancer survivors, burn survivors, alopecia patients and beyond.  Her heart is in the right place.  As high of a demand as there is for cosmetic services, Genevieve reserves a good portion of her schedule to focus on volunteering her time to patients with medical conditions.  She reports that patients leave happy and uplifted by their treatment.  This truly improves their outlook and gives them a confidence boost!  Click here FacebookInstagram and  website for incredible (and jaw-dropping) before and after work!

Permanent makeup is a perfecting procedure that is time saving – how lovely to save time in the morning when getting ready for your day.  No need to balance out brows and match your liner wings.  It’s convenient – never worry about brows rubbing off at the beach or gym.  And most importantly, it’s self-care.  Yes, it feels so good to take care of YOU.  Looking in the mirror without scrutinizing sparse, barely there brows and feeling confident is priceless!

So what is permanent makeup all about? Eyebrows go by many names such as: microblading, micro stroking, brow embroidery, brow feathering, and powdered brows, and don’t forget lip colour and eyeliner or eyelash enhancement (that men are also looking for!) - It’s a relatively quick and pain-free procedure.  The part of the process that I was really impressed by was the consultation before my treatment.  Genevieve took the time to talk and fully explain the process as well as what to expect in the first days following.  There were no surprises or questions left unanswered.  Next, a detailed drawing of the shape of the brows - she spent so much time perfecting this.  It was in-depth and I appreciated this more than I could ever explain.  Genevieve wouldn’t go ahead until I was 100% happy.  I trusted Genevieve upon first meeting her, after seeing her before and after work, I was certain.  Sitting in her chair I was confident and excited knowing I was in the best hands.  Never would she free-hand or rush this part of the service as it really is the most important step.  Pain was undetectable thanks to an amazing anaesthetic that numbed the area and I was completely in awe when she finished and handed me a mirror.  I have never been happier!  

How does it look right after?  Absolutely AMAZING!  I was so in love with my brows, that I couldn’t stop staring… and telling everyone who would listen about them.  They're healed and I love them and I still don't stop - They're that good.

There is a healing time following the treatment.  Genevieve explained the steps I needed to follow in depth before even starting my service.  Armed with a care-kit, I followed the steps over the following days and came out with beautiful healed brows.  In my own experience, the healing time was quicker than expected and really didn’t bother me at all.  It’s very important to follow the care schedule.  If you’re not loving the first few days, simply keep your eye on the prize – perfect brows are just two weeks away!

#browsonfleek # micropigmentation and #browwow hashtags have taken over social media and for good reason, people are giving permanent makeup a try and are completely in love with the results.  Having my brows done by Genevieve has been truly life-changing.  I have never been happier with a beauty treatment in my life.  I can’t say enough about Genevieve, the procedure and results.  I choose to share this with everyone that I can.  Her clients are similar  – they can’t hide their excitement and happiness either.  Since visiting Genevieve, I’ve had handfuls of friends lining up to see her.

After mastering her craft over the past thirty years (five in permanent makeup), Genevieve is a leader in cosmetic and medical tattooing.  Her experience, continued education and keen eye make her a go-to for locals and others abroad.  When she isn’t beautifying the Prairies, Genevieve spreads her talents throughout North America and Greece.  Having a home in Europe means collaborating and continuing to learn with international leaders and colleagues.  Genevieve hopes to cross an “advanced techniques” lip class in Russia from her bucket list soon.  Travelling to Europe once or twice a year gives Genevieve an opportunity to continue her education from the top industry leaders. 

I can’t say enough about my treatment.  Knowing I was in the hands of an industry leader, I felt safe, excited and completely ecstatic with the results.  If you’ve ever thought about permanent makeup, I’d encourage you to contact Genevieve for all of your needs.  Time-saving, convenience and confidence are just a few benefits you’ll notice!

Permanent makeup is also being marketed as semi permanent as it fades over time, however Genevieve stresses the importance in choosing your artist carefully, as there are no guarantees of when it will no longer be visible. "Semi Permanent" is being used as a marketing tool to ease concerns for potential clients. As the internet sensation over permanent makeup continues to grow, so do the dangers associated with inadequately trained technicians working in unsafe environments. Be sure and look for a local health inspection certificate, that clearly states cosmetic tattooing or microblading services, and ask to see your artist's certifications, and most importantly their annual certificate in Blood Borne Pathogens.

Visit her portfolio online to see many more jaw-dropping transformations

Thank you, Genevieve, there really are no words to truly describe how happy I am.

kindness• sprinkle that shit everywhere!

kindness• sprinkle that shit everywhere!

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