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SFDF Runway Rundown: The Conferences, The Workshops, and (of course) The Shows

SFDF Runway Rundown: The Conferences, The Workshops, and (of course) The Shows

SFDF Runway at Bessborough fashion event

It's year five for the Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival and this weekend's Runway event seems the perfect toast to the anniversary. Taking place at the historic Bessborough Hotel, Runway will preview collections from fifteen local designers and shops in a fashion feast that will have you holding your head up high for being even peripherally involved in the dynamic Saskatoon scene. Add to that the talents of digital artist Carrie Gates, music by The Gaff, and the ambiance of Pro Plus Productions, and you've got a spectacle. But there's more to this weekend than the big 7pm shows-- you'll also have an opportunity to shop the designers' wares via a pop-up shop called Marketplace. And perhaps most exciting for all you do-ers out there are the amazing talks and workshops running that feature some top names in the biz with topics like branding, communications and marketing, merchandising, styling, photography, modeling, and design. This is a truly immersive festival that can either simply entertain you (which is great, bring on the fun!) or offer education in the exciting and vast career field of style (also great, bring on the opportunities!). So without further ado, here is the complete rundown of the upcoming SFDF weekend, all taking place at the beautiful Delta Bessborough Hotel.          


Saturday, November 5th 

MARKETPLACE on the Convention Level
Noon-4PM & 6PM-10:30PM 

Shop collections from Authentic Brave Apparel, Lead Fit Fashion, Soulfari Jewelry, Bano eeMee, Frakas, Cedar and Vine, Rude Vogue, Eleven03 Apparel, North Shore Outfitters, Made Ya Wanna Accessorize, Erin Nicole Lash Haute Couture, Paramount DaySpa Salon & Boutique, Ashryla Boutique, Artifacts Jewelry, and Join the Secret Apparel.


1:00-2:00pm Wayne Grund, Surface and Vision Salon Spa // How to Build an International Network

2:00-3:00pm Fancy // How to Build Your Brand, Logo Design, Website Design and Marketing Plan

3:00-4:00pm Michael Tastad, Vendasta Technologies // How to Manage Your Online Reputation, Reviews, and Marketing

4:00-5:00pm Susan Busse, Susan Busse PR and Alisha Edgelow, CBC Saskatchewan // Let’s Talk about Marketing and Communication

*$40 for the full day ($10 Per Session). Conference delegates will receive 20% all festival events with proof of ticket purchase. 


See the latest from Eleven03 Apparel, Rude Vogue, Tishynah Buffalo Designs, Soulfari Jewelry, White Dhalia by Dutch Growers, Bano eeMee, and headliner Melissa Squire. Click here for a closer look at the designers and shops in this great lineup. There is also a 5th anniversary celebration being held in the stunning Adam Ballroom with ticketed entry (but worth it-- come give SFDF a big ol' cheers!).

VIP Seating, including luxury swag bag is now SOLD OUT.

General Admission - $30

Standing Room - $25

5th Anniversary Celebration - $25 (separate ticket)

SFDF Runway 2016 Bessborough Saskatoon

Sunday, November 6th

MARKETPLACE on the Convention Level
Noon-4PM & 6PM-10:30PM 


1:00-1:30pm Alex Simon, White Dhalia by Dutch Growers // Merchandising

1:30-2:00pm Samantha Carnduff, Sandbox in the City // Merchandising

2:00-3:00pm Nikki van Duyvendyk, White Dhalia by Dutch Growers // What Buyers are Looking for

3:00-4:00pm Designer Experience Melissa Squire Fashion Design and Laurie Brown Fashion Design // Let's Talk about Being a Designer in YXE


In conjunction to those above on Sunday, November 6th in the Adam Ballroom there is a photography workshop lead by our own OCM girl Erin Crooks from noon-2pm. 

The above workshops are all FREE to attend though reservations are limited so be sure to RSVP.


In conjunction to those above on Sunday, November 6th in the Adam Ballroom there is a model workshop lead by Stray Modelling Agency from noon- 2pm. There is a $20 workshop fee. Register here.


Ready, set, runway. Sunday night features Ashryla Boutique, Frakas, North Shore Outfitters, Authentic Brave Apparel, Siwinikan Designs, Anthony's Fashion, Whiskey Teacup, and Cedar and Vine.

VIP Seating, including luxury swag bag - $60

General Admission - $30

Standing Room - $25

Or for $120, attend SFDF Runway on both evenings and the 5th Anniversary Celebration!

shopping spree contest november 2016 saskatoon
soulfari bolero leather choker


We've teamed up with Sarah from Soulfari to bring you a chance to win this gorgeous bolero necklace from her current collection. Just tag a fashionable friend (or two or ten!) on our facebook or instagram post and you're entered! Be sure you've clicked like on the Our Collective Muse, Saskatoon Fashion and Design Festival, and Soulfari facebook pages to be eligible to win. The winner will be drawn at random and will be announced Friday evening.

That's the whole kit and caboodle, as my mother would say. And speaking of my mom, this is an event her and I will be enjoying together so do give us a cheers when you see us this weekend!


Canoe Oysters . An evening out.

Canoe Oysters . An evening out.

Our Collective thoughts : breasts

Our Collective thoughts : breasts