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On Sundays We Drink Tea

On Sundays We Drink Tea

As the days get colder and shorter, and summer 16 is a memory of the past, it comes time to move weekend activities indoors.  I am always looking for new, fun things to do in our beautiful city. That's why when my friend Lindsay invited me to High Tea, I was more than a little excited!

High Tea is held most Sundays at Little Bird Patisserie & Cafe at 258 Avenue B. South, just off 20th Street in Riversdale.  It is connected to Anthology Home in The Adilman Building.  To reserve a table for tea, call (306)384-4663 by the Friday before the Sunday you wish to attend.

Once you have made a reservation, invite your besties and plan to coordinate your outfits. Transitional florals are perfect for tea time ;) If your childcare falls through, just bring your baby along!

Once you arrive and get settled in at your cozy table, a lovely little lady will greet you and take your order.  Little Bird has a huge selection of teas to choose from, so if you're like me and can be a bit indecisive, this could take a few minutes. I settled for a green tea who's name I couldn't pronounce but it was a perfect little cup of warmth and sweetness for the rainy day. 

Lindsay opted for a chai tea latte and Kimberley got a lemongrass white tea.  Happy girls all around!

We enjoyed our tea with a side of gossip and catch up (do you think Kim K was really robbed?!), while we waited for the treats to arrive.  The atmosphere of the patisserie is perfect for a girl's afternoon out; filled with the laughter and chatter of the other tables, cute artwork, and antique decor.

Then the three tier platter arrived and it was almost too beautiful to eat. So naturally, we had to take a million pictures before indulging.  This thing looks good from all angles.

We started with the savory delicatessens on the bottom tier first.  Mini open-faced cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches had us feeling oh so french. 

We worked our way up to the middle tier, filled with fruit, tarts, and other seasonal desserts. 

Finally, we finished off with the cookies and French macaroons. This was my personal favourite.  The tea and finger food was more than enough for the three of us. The perfect afternoon pick-me-up!

A big thank you to Little Bird for having us, to our lovely server for taking photos of us, and to the fellow guests for putting up with baby Bella finding her voice :)


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