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All the Details - Kennedy's Nursery

All the Details - Kennedy's Nursery

Today, we welcome Lindsay back to the blog.  When she was expecting her beautiful daughter, Kennedy, she guest blogged on maternity.  And now, a year later, we invited her to return. Lindsay chose to share her decorating secrets that make daughter, Kennedy's nursery so breathtaking and unique.  Read on for all the details.

We were in the midst of building our new home when Kennedy was born last year (just to make things extra interesting), and weren’t scheduled to move in until she was 7 month old. So luckily (or unluckily depending how you look at it), I had plenty of time during those late night wake-ups where baby would go back to sleep and mommy wouldn’t, to research and design Kennedy’s room and pour over every last detail. Although my little miss wouldn’t have her room finished until she was 7 months old, the plus side was that I was able to include sentiments and keepsakes that we had already collected and made with her - which was fun to do and personalized the space to our lovely little lady.

The inspiration. First and foremost, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, which automatically gave me the excuse to go over-the-top “girlie”; and I absolutely planned to do so, however, I wanted the space to still be elegant enough so that it would transcend through several stages of her life before tiring of it. I settled on a mainly white and light pink pallet with hints of brushed gold and florals throughout. I would frequent online outlets such as instagram, pinterest and designer blogs for ideas. HGTV has always been a close friend of mine, as my husband and I have dabbled in housing and renovations, so I would look to shows such as Income Property, Property Brothers, Masters of Flip and my all time favorite Love it or List Vancouver with Jillian Harris for design guidance for other areas of our house(s). Jillian’s bright and airy designs are not only stunning but they also align with where I like to live in terms of the look and feel of the spaces in our home; and I wanted Kennedy’s room to fall in that realm as well. In reading Jillian’s blog one day, I came across a post where she mentioned fellow designers that she follows and would recommended checking out. In doing so, I came across Monika Hibbs, who, like Jillian, is an outstanding designer based out of Vancouver, and has absolutely impeccable taste. Even better for me, she was also building a new home and designing her newborn daughter’s room, so I was able to gain a vast amount of inspiration from her social media in particular.


 I decided to begin this venture with two main staples of any nursery – the crib and dresser. I tend to gravitate towards more of a traditional look (hence our craftsman-style home) and wanted pieces that had details such as beveled edges or a crown-type of feature. In my hunt, I discovered that prices for these two items can go relatively high, but I was persistent enough that I was able to find what I was looking for at Babie’s R Us (online), in white and for a reasonable price. The white ruffled crib skirt and delicate canopy are both from Pottery Barn Kids and make the crib a perfect little oasis for our sweet girl. Also found in the crib are pillows from Restoration Hardware; a white tufted heart and a vintage pink boudoir pillow, personalized with ‘Kennedy’ in white stitching. Finally, completing the crib bedding is my favorite element, a gorgeous rag quilt handmade by my mom or more commonly known as ‘Grandma’ these days. We selected fabrics from to use for the squares and chose a white, soft, minky fabric for the backing. The change table is nestled against a half wall, adjacent to the crib, with the change pad perched on top. The white and floral cover was again sewn by Grandma, and can also be seen in Kennedy’s rag quilt mentioned earlier. A pink bouquet of faux roses sitting in a round glass jar accents the dresser nicely, and was purchased from Joss and Main (thankfully we now have Joss and Main’s counterpart site – to save us some shipping costs from the US).  Above the change table is a feature near and dear to my heart… a gallery wall with all things Kennedy. It includes several of her newborn photos (taken by Little Black Dress Photography), some 6-month photos (taken by Karyn Kimberley) and one of my all time favorite pictures of her to date on the top right hand side, at her Christmas mini session with Jennifer Veitch Photography. You can also find her first pair of tiny white lace shoes as well as her first headbands (I got all three pieces on Etsy), displayed in shadow boxes on this wall; along with an idea I got off of Pinterest; overlaying all three of our handprints in different colors of ink, below the heading ‘Daddy, Mommy & Me’ and her birth date below. Finally, the wall is completed by two white ceramic doves that I found at Urban Barn and a gold foil feather print that I ordered off an Etsy shop based out of Toronto. I chose to keep the frames uniform and simple, as there is a lot going on in the room and again, I went with mostly white frames, accented with a couple of brushed gold just to create some diversity and tie in to other gold elements of the room such as the light fixture (from Joss and Main) and curtain rod.


Moving to the other side of the crib we have a bookcase, which was a must-have piece for Kennedy. It boasts all sorts of her treasures that she’s accumulated so far, ranging from her first ultra-sound photo on the top right (frame from Restoration Hardware), to her favorite bedtime stories, and gifts she’s received from her friends and family.

-       Top shelf (from left to right): White vase with gold etching – Joss and Main, white acorn music box - Indigo, white pineapple - Homesense, ultrasound photo.

-        Second shelf: White/Gold elephant snow globe personalized with ‘Kennedy - gift from Grandma (from Pottery Barn Kids), soft pink cupcake on pedestal with glass cloche represents the day we found out we were having a baby girl, letter ‘K’ – Cravings Maternity

-       Third shelf: White/Floral tea set with gold accents – gift from Auntie Laura, White/gold ceramic crown piggy bank gift from her friend Andrea, Jelly Cat unicorn, ballerina bunny and grey bunny – Indigo

-       Fourth shelf: Family photo, white/gold round vase – The Cross Design, lace jewelry box – Etsy (bought for Mommy and Daddy’s wedding)

-       Fifth shelf – Bunny bookends – Indigo, pink bear piggy bank – gift from Baba and Goompa

-       Bottom shelf – storage baskets from Pottery Barn Kids


The window is framed by beautiful white and flowly curtains to soften the room (from Joss and Main), along with a difficult to find gold curtain rod, which I ultimately sourced from Bed, Bath & Beyond. I opted to go for this wing-backed, tufted chair that I purchased from Homesense, and it has already housed so many snuggles and memories already, and is extremely comfortable so I’m pleased with the selection. The perfect pink pouf (which happens to be the first item Kennedy climbed up and bounced on) was bought from Joss and Main along with the rug that takes up residence in front of the crib. Of course Kennedy needs her own seating options, so we have an anywhere chair covered in a cream sherpa fabric with her name embroidered on the back and a rocking unicorn that were both Christmas gifts to our little lady (both from Pottery Barn Kids).


The final nook of Kennedy’s room houses a white and mirrored vanity that’s partnered with a romantic mirror. These pieces were purchased from Pier 1 for our previous house and were more cream in color. My hubby refinished both so that they would fit in better with the color story of the room (and house for that matter); they turned out lovely. I can’t wait for the days where she will sit on her stool, while I brush her long hair and she tells me about her day and all of the adventures she’s had. Another gold foil print of the Eiffel tower sits here along with a glass, jewel-shaped lamp, which was among one of the last elements added, but well was worth the hunt and wait (Homesense).


The wallpaper. As I mentioned earlier, I became a fan of designer Monika Hibbs and have since followed her social media outlets. As luck would have it, as I was searching for the perfect wallpaper to install in Kennedy’s room (I’m a big fan of wallpaper these days, and also have it featured in other areas of our house), she posted a sample of this stunning floral print. I almost fell off my chair in that moment, as it was exactly what I had in mind and was looking for! She had custom-designed this paper with a Vancouver-based shop (Anewall Décor, they also have an Etsy shop) for her baby girl’s nursery, and I knew I absolutely had to have it. Jeremy did a fantastic job of the white wainscoting, and coupled with the wallpaper; I couldn’t picture a more beautiful and stunning pair.


It’s a little bittersweet now that the room is complete, however, I look forward to how the space will evolve over the years as Kennedy grows into it; I already have plans for when she transitions into a bed. I’ve since added a white teepee with gold dots from Pottery Barn Kids, which Kennedy is thrilled about and a belly basket in neutral and white for stuffies from The Cross Design. A piece I’m really excited about that I’m currently waiting for is a custom growth chart ruler (in white and light pink obviously) being made by a local shop called Modern Memories. Lastly, I plan to do a picture collage of highlights from Kennedy’s first year, and this will be a frame that I update each year with the previous year.


Overall, I’m absolutely thrilled about how Kennedy’s nursery/room has come together, it’s my absolute favorite room at this point. I would say all of the planning, hunting and hard work most definitely paid off - and hats off to my handy hubby who really helped to build my vision and bring it to life. The hands down best part though, is how much little Miss Kennedy loves her room. She’ll reach her tiny hand out for ours and walk us into her space and slam the door behind so we can play. She loves riding her unicorn and running in and out of her teepee, playing ‘Peek-a-boo’ and filling the room with lots of heartwarming laughs and giggles. She’ll tear apart her book shelf to flip through all of the books and find just the right one for bedtime (usually one that features a puppy). Although the room looks pretty as it sits staged in these photos, it really does look even more beautiful when our sweet little girl lives in it and fills it with her all of her light, love and life (even though it looks like a hurricane has passed through the area). She inspires so much love in so many people, and I’m so lucky to be her mommy and be able to give her a room that is truly inspired by all the love she has given us this past year.


All photos courtesy of the wonderfully talented Desiree Martin Photography.

My romper is from Revlove Clothing (online), Kennedy’s ballerina dress is from Baby Gap and her floral headpiece is from Etsy.

Thank you, Lindsay for joining us today to share the details on Kennedy's stunning nursery!

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