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A Birth Story


Having a baby is _______________________.  (fill in the blank)

Having a baby is different for everyone… and thinking about the actual process in which a baby comes into this world is actually down right scary... but in reality quite amazing and one of the most craziest, coolest things your body can accomplish. Natural or c-section…. its down right mind blowing. 

Here's my birth story (and its true when they say, no two birth stories are the same).

So my nesting phase didn't really start till I hit 40 weeks prego … like when everyone tells you to take it easy and here I am driving out to the berry barn for saskatoon berries to make pies, taking 2 hour walks to Tim Hortins with my hubby, cleaning cupboards, lenghtly trips to Home Sense and putting the final touches on the babies room.  That's sooooo me though…. simply doing what feels natural to me. lol... I guess I cope better under pressure (Insert David Bowie's song Under Pressure).

My due date was August 1st… but I had a feeling my womb was super cozy and I also had a feeling I would go over my due date. It was July 30th and my Dr decided it was best we "sweep" my membranes to maybe get the process going. Now "sweeping" your membranes might sound like its something relatively minor… as you would think "sweeping" would be gentle. So yeah…its not and its something I would not want to have done on a regular basis... but at 40 weeks prego you're willing to try anything to get the engine started. 

Nothing happened till the night of Aug 4th at 2:30am.  I woke to find whats called a "bloody show" (sorry for the term, but thats honestly what they call it)… It was a little scary to see, so we went into hospital to get checked out. The baby was fine, I was fine... so they sent us home to wait. The next night around 4:00 am... same thing (bloody show…with cramps).  I called the nurse at RUH 4th floor and they said that everything should be fine and I was seeing my Dr that day anyway. I went to see my Dr that afternoon and we both agreed I should be admitted into hospital to be monitored and to talk about induction.  Soooooo thats when the fun started! I should add that I did not have a birth plan. I also did not take birth classes. I also never went to school for photography…so my thoughts were the same as any. I'll just wing it and see what happens. lol

So…. one thing leads to another when you've been admitted into hospital and you're 41 weeks pregnant. Its called being induced. Now I may have not had a birth plan…but I SO didn't want to be induced. …but they induced me.  There was worry about my placenta dis-attaching and various other concerns…so they wanted to get the ball rolling and lets be honest at this point you're just excited to have this baby you've been carrying around for 10 months!

So…. yeah….contractions started pretty quick after being induced but after 50 some odd hours in labour... my body could only physically dilate to 5 cm and dr's found an obstruction that would not allow me to deliver my baby naturally. So C-section was my fate. 

In that moment the last 2 days of labour flashed before my eyes.  I remembered the tears and laughs my husband and I shared. The way he got me through almost every contraction by looking at me, talking me through it, holding my hand, keeping track of those 60 seconds. The walk we took together throughout the hospital breathing slowly in my moo-moo night gown lol. I remembered him having to leave the hospital because our basement flooded. I remember my mom coming to visit me while the contractions came and went. I remembered the two amazing baths I had in the hot tub… yeah amazing. And I couldn't forget the complete stranger named Unus who came into my room when she heard me going through contractions after Shawn had left to tend to the basement. She helped me breathe and took me literally in her arms. She was an angel.

So after those moments of remembering the last 2 days in labour,  I also remembered feeling hugely disappointed and exhausted. Like I had worked soooo hard breathing and getting through the contractions. It was disappointing but at the same time the end result is still getting to meet our little one. I remember telling the Dr's that there is no way I can have a C-seciton for I was scheduled to photograph the Garth Brooks Event coming up in two weeks…lol…The Dr's all laughed… Oh sure Lisa…. lol….. but I was like, no seriously I can't have a C-section.  

So in the nutshell, the C-section was NOT that bad at all. Instead of focusing on what I didn't get to experience with a natural birth, I focused on my own personal story of bringing my son into the world. It wasn't easy...but I was brave and I have the scar to prove it. My husband and I also bonded more than ever after that experience. I was so blessed to have him right by my side.

(And p.s….. LOL….I still was able to photograph the Garth Brooks Event for the Children's Hospital Foundation with the help of OCM member Karyn Kimberley, my mom and of course my hubby who got to spend the day with baby Garry at home. Couldn't have done it without their help!) 

To wrap things up… Im a firm believer that whatever people tell you about how things might go or what experience they had having a baby, it does not mean you'll have the same experience.  What I will tell you is the Dr's are amazing, the nurses are brilliant and we are so lucky to be able to walk into a facility and have the best care possible. Speaking of which…. I can't express enough gratitude to a nurse who offered to take photos with my camera in the surgery room.  I was unbelievably thankful that she offered to take photos for me after I had expressed how disappointed I would be not having imagery of a natural delivery.  So without further ado…. I'm sharing the images she was able to capture. I was blown away. I can't thank her enough. 

Baby Garry Robert Ward was born at 10:55 pm on Friday August 7th 2015, 9 pounds 5 ounces. We were over the moon happy. 

My "lets do this!" face…...


"Dad to be" getting suited up! 


Hubby didn't leave my side...


And here he is!!! I could hear the cries of joy from behind the curtain and the shear joy in my hubby's voice when they said… "Its a boy!". 


This image below is precious to me.  This image speaks to me.  To be able to see my husbands face looking at our new born son for the first time, hand on his heart. My heart is full. 


My first glance at our baby boy…. and at that moment....I thought he looked like a "Garry"


As soon as I could get up and get my hands on my camera… I was able to capture some images of my little one…. just him and I in our room over the next few days in hospital. :-) 


There you have it.  This was my birth story.  I am truly blessed.

Love Lisa L

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