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Girl's Getaway Weekend

Girl's Getaway Weekend

When my friend Kim asked if I would be up for a girl's getaway weekend at her family's cabin, naturally I said "yes please!" A girl's trip is always a good idea.  We (over) packed our bags and Kim, Lindsay, and I were on our way.  

Cabin essentials. Hudson Bay beach blanket, ONLY overalls from Tonic, comfy sandals, and a margarita in a wine glass. 

Don't forget your sunglasses and sunscreen!

The dock is a perfect spot for early morning coffee and/or cocktails.  Let the catching up begin.

Another cabin essential- an adorable puppy! Who can resist Lincoln? The answer is 'no one.'

Fun for all- watching a new puppy swim in the lake.  The cutest.

Things to do while you get your tan on: read trashy magazines, paint your nails, keep up with the Kardashians.


Watching the boats go by and cheering on the water sport athletes, in the company of our old friend Nixon.  

SUP- Stand Up Paddleboarding.  Seriously, so much fun!  Not to mention a great full body work out.  

Me: "Wanna race?"

Kim: "No."

Me: "Ok, that's cool."

Me: "Wanna paddle board all the way to the other side of the lake?"

Kim: "Ugh, ok fine..."

After a full day of tanning, walking dogs, watering flowers, eating, drinking, swimming, and paddle boarding, it's time for a (natural gas) fire.  

Camp fire essentials: cozy matching sweatshirts from Farminista (AS IF, Fries Before Guys, Brunette is the new black) and a warm, wool tribal blanket, also from Farminista.  

So many laughs this weekend!  Thanks for the memories. I hope all you lovely ladies have a chance to get away with your girls this summer, I highly recommend it!  

Xo Kk

Fresh Hair, fresh new owner. A Waskesiu salon.

Fresh Hair, fresh new owner. A Waskesiu salon.

OCM is 1!