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Fresh Hair, fresh new owner. A Waskesiu salon.

Fresh Hair, fresh new owner. A Waskesiu salon.

This beautiful lady is my niece that I am so proud of.  She has fought so hard to get where she is, and she is so amazingly strong and talented.  At 21 years young she took over a salon in Waskesiu this year and totally renovated it to her own style.  It is stunning and I am so proud to see her doing what she loves.  Read on to find out more about her journey and her salon and what they offer. 

Who are you? Whats the name of your salon and where is it located?

My name is Meaghan Butler, I am the owner and operator of Fresh Hair located in Waskesiu.  I am a young entrepreneur born and raised in Saskatoon Saskatchewan.  I recently began living my dreams in April when I took over the salon.  Fresh Hair has been in Waskesiu for 36 years, and I am so proud to "freshen" it up and add my own little touch to such an amazing community! 

How's the adjustment been to Waskesiu living, and what do you like about the community?

Being new to a small community/resort town can be a little intimidating at first. Waskesiu is such a big part of families and individuals who spend countless summers up here.  Being new to such a tight knit community posed many changes for me.  I went  from being around family, friends and co-workers every day, to not seeing those people for sometimes weeks, at first it was tough.  I have now met such amazing, caring and inspirational people. Those individuals have made this summer an unforgettable experience. The community in Waskesiu is like a big family, I now feel apart of the family. There is nothing like biking to work in the morning passing a few elk, stopping for a coffee and saying goodmorning to anyone who you pass by.  No one is ever in a rush, everyone around here is always happy and grateful, and you can truly tell the moment you pull into town!

What do you offer at your salon?

Fresh Hair is a full service salon, we offer every service from hair cuts and styles, to mani- pedis! Fresh Hair is known for being a well rounded salon, we may be small and compact but we offer it all! We carry amazing hand crafted jewelry by Soulfari (seriously, I want it all). We also carry a great range of hair and skin products. It was so fun bringing in retail. Being able to add your own twist to what the salon carries is so fun, and everything smells so good!! 

Where do you find inspiration within the industry?

Social media keeps me so busy!! I love checking out all the latest trends and products on Instagram and looking at reviews on Pinterest! I find so much inspiration through instagram, it’s a great way for people in the industry to interact with each other.  I have interacted with such amazing talented hairsylists all over the world!  It's so important as a stylist to keep educating yourself.  Some people get so stuck in their ways and trends change so quickly.  Our clients want whats new now.  Being able to take part of classes and trends online makes me feel confident as a stylist and I have been able to help other stylists too.  

What is your specialty when it comes to hair? 

I love love love hair painting, something about blending those colours is so rewarding! I also love up-dos (being in a wedding destination that is important ).  Being able to imagine and work with the hair and create something in real life better than you thought is SO rewarding. Being apart of a brides special day also is such a great feeling. That is her dream day, she has planned this day her whole life.  To be the one who makes her feel and look even more beautiful than she already is is a gift in itself! 

How does it feel being a young, female entrepreneur? Do you have any advice for someone wanting to take the leap into starting a business?

Being a young, female entrepreneur has been truly rewarding. I have become so strong and organized!!  I look back at everything I have gone through to get here and I feel so fortunate to have the support that I do.  The long hours and all the colour stains and dropped bobbi pins is TOTALLY worth it! I have a chance being young and a female to support other females and hopefully be inspiration to others. I think now ‘hey if you have a dream,  DO IT!’ . Life is so short and age is a number a dream is yours, and nothing is too small or too big.  I had many people tell me I couldn’t do it, and now here I am, and I truly know what happiness is.  I live life with goals and every goal I check off, I make the next one even greater!  I have a goal of where I want to be in a few years, I know that there will be bumps down that road but each set back turns into something you learn from and that can be even more rewarding than the end result!

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