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Baby Room on a Budget


I wouldn't consider myself "cheap" because I certainly know what I think is important to splurge on. I love good deals and I love splurging on certain things too… So I think I give myself the best of both worlds when shopping and decorating.  

And now that I've been awarded this task of decorating my "soon to be" babies room… I was excited to give myself a little challenge to decorate it without breaking the bank…. because lets face it, having your first baby you might have the tendency to think you have to go to town and buy all new, buy the best and to just simply have the latest & greatest. This is not the case my friends! 

We have a saying sometimes used in our household and that happens to be… "Work with what you have…"

Check out my take on decorating a babies on a budget….(but not a strict budget by any means)


I always keep my eye out on Facebook for friends posting things for sale… I lucked out and snagged these curtains from Fresh Living (A home staging company).  Originally they were from Pier One, 4 panels… $80 bucks. Sweet deal in my books… and they were perfect for a boy or a girl room. 


This unique rocking chair you see here… This belonged to my Oma. I've been cherishing it for years…. and it made a nice addition to the room. I'm sentimental in ways and I feel like she'll be part of the babies room now watching down.

The shelf above… $30 from Jysk, with vintage kids records I've collected over the years for free, the white tall standing small dresser was from Winners for $100.

I feel blessed that I lucked out being able to buy a lot of used things from friends who are done having kids. I picked up this great used crib for basically $150 with the mattress.  It just needed to be touched up in a few areas…. but it was perfect! The baby mobile in the background was mine as a child. The music still works perfect on it… and I LOVE it. 


I love wood toys. Picked up these blocks from Home Sense for $15, the silver bear is a piggy bank that was given to me as a gift from my Auntie Sue.

I love this picture below. It was my step kids when they were little…. and I wanted them to be part of the room. Now they are 15 and almost 14 years old…. They will bring a whole knew meaning to the words big brother and big sister. 


Now this adorable bird mobile below was hand made from a client of mine…  I actually bought this from her YEARS ago knowing I would want this in a babies room. Talk about being prepared. lol…. I think it was $80…. but soooo priceless. I love hand made things. 


Little details make all the difference in a babies room. I found these cute converse sneakers at Value Village for $4 bucks.

This white frame? Ikea $25 bucks and the EASY TIGER poster was from Indigo for $20. Had to have it. This might be another motto in our family. … Eaaaasssy Tiger. 

The yellow frame was from The Organic Bloom (one I had that was damaged in shipping but I fixed it… so technically free) and the grey frame was from Winners for $12. I'll be filling these with photos soon enough….  Its a forever thing really. 


These books used to be mine as a kid. Brings me waaaaay back. 


So this little change table happens to be the change table my mom used with me as a baby!  I had it recovered years ago for my studio as sometimes its nice to have an area for my clients to change their babies.  I decided it needed to be part of the babies room for the next few years. 


There you have it! A pretty simple babies room. Babies don't need much and most of it is fun to just play around with. I can't wait to bring the little one home. Should be very very very soon!

Love Lisa L and Baby to be. ;-)

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Baby Led Weaning

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