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Behind the Scenes of OCM

Behind the Scenes of OCM

Today I'm giving our readers  a behind the scenes look into our monthly meetings, in which we discuss recent posts and feedback, suggestions for changes, plans for future blogs, and other blog-related topics.  Although those are the goals of our get-togethers, let's be honest, we usually spend the majority of the time catching up on each other's lives as friends, then the later part of the meeting we try to cram in some blog talk.  Keep reading to find out more.

We rotate through the roster of OCM members and each take a turn hosting.  Meetings are held in our homes or at a local coffee shop or restaurant.  Wherever the assembly, food and wine are always part of the equation.  

Another constant included in the equation of OCM congregations are babies and/or big kids! Little ones are always welcome at our meetings, and usually one or more are in attendance.  Needless to say the children of OCM have a lot of Aunties.  

Once we get settled (which typically takes a while), someone volunteers to take minutes from the meeting.  Most of the time, it is usually Tammy or Karyn.  This person then emails out the minutes to all members, as a reminder of things to do and to fill in those who were not in attendance. 

Meetings are an excellent time to initiate the creative process for new ideas.  We share inspiration we have found on other blogs we love, on Pinterest, on Instagram, and in magazines.  

To keep our meetings fun, sometimes we switch things up.  Like at our most recent gathering when we decided to do a gift exchange of things we were ready to part with, after doing some spring cleaning- inspired by Susan's post.  

Lisa got some board games.  Jocelyn was more excited than she looks to receive some tea, a book, and a bowl. There was also bubble bath, hair oil, jewelry, books, a clutch, and a hat.  Fun was had by all.

Things can sometimes get out-of-hand at these weeknight meetings... and the next thing you know, your baby has eyebrows!  Maygen's little girl Petra enjoyed having her eyebrows on fleek for the night, courtesy of the talented Lisa Hallam.

I hope you enjoyed 'joining' one of our monthly meetings!  

Xo Kk

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