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Bringing Scent Into Your Home

Bringing Scent Into Your Home

bringing scents into your home with saje and anthology saskatoon

You've heard it a thousand times: your sense of smell triggers memory in a way that no other sense can. The comfort of fresh baked cookies, swimming lessons, a new baby... these are memories that conjure smells in a visceral way. So why is it we spend all our energy decorating our homes with pictures, ornaments, and candles not intended to be lit when our efforts only satisfy one sense? Today, my OCM sister Lisa Landrie of A Photographic Life and I bring you some inspo from stores Anthology/Blossoms and Saje (as well as one DIY project you'll love). This post is sure to get you excited about bringing scent into your home, creating new and happy memories for your family and your guests.

anthology saskatoon

Candles and room spray are the most obvious contenders in the scented home game, but finding the scent that suits each room's personality is key. This Kobo Violette Noir candle is richly scented with saffron, leather, and black violet, making it the perfect compromise between manliness and a woman's touch. (As in, my husband won't nix it.) Candles naturally add comfort to any room, so light yours when you retire to the living room after dinner or wherever you'd like to encourage warm conversation. 

The Barr & Co. Fir and Grapefruit room spray also walks that balance of cabin and freshness. Think beyond your living room with this one, leaving this pretty bottle in your powder room or spritzing your closet to discourage mustiness.

And although it's a perfume, I had to include the Barr & Co. Original Scent Eau De Parfum in home scent, and for good reason: your signature scent lingers on blazers, jackets, and other seldom-washed pieces in your wardrobe so it becomes a home scent after all. This particular perfume smells of vanilla and oatmeal, a comforting scent to find in your closet. 

All three items are available Anthology and Blossoms in Saskatoon, as is our next duo.

Library of Flowers lotion

Delight guests (and indulge yourself) with relaxing and fresh soap and lotion in the powder room. These two Linden scented essentials from Library of Flowers are floral without smelling like grandma's house, although they do offer some nostalgia. There is nothing nicer than washing my hands at a friend's home and then wondering five minutes later what smells so wonderful... and discovering it's me!

best mens scents

But don't think your W.C. has a strict floral M.O.; this Trail Crew Soap from Juniper Ridge is scented only by real trees and plants harvested from the mountains. Manly enough for you?

And if "room spray" doesn't cut it for your man cave, this Cabin Spray by Juniper Ridge ought to do the trick. May I suggest spraying it in your kitchen before a poker night for instant manification after your family dinner.

Also pictured is incense. Haven't burned it since you listened to Hendrix at high school lunch parties, you say? Rest assured, the sophistication factor has been upped with Juniper Ridge's Campfire Incense sticks. Try putting a couple in a clay pot with sand for a patio party to remember. 

Juniper Ridge products are available at Anthology and Blossoms.

Blossoms Anthology Saskatoon

Perhaps the most beautiful way to bring scent into your home is a natural, fragrant arrangement. Now, not all flowers offer fragrance, so don't expect those dozen roses to fill a room. In fact, scent has been bred out of many breeds of flowers in lieu of a longer shelf life. Carla Scharback (Florist extraordinaire and Owner of Blossoms and Anthology) put a few simple and gorgeous bouquets together that showcase the best of the best in fragrant flowers: hyacenth, peonies, lily of the valley, and sweet peas (not pictured is freesia). The best noses in France work with these flowers to develop perfumes-- these are truly the raw ingredients of an entire industry. The best part about flowers as a home scent is that they also add colour, so really you're satisfying two senses at once! All the more reason not to wait for someone to gift them to you.

saje nebulizer

Moving on to our next featured store: Saje. If you haven't yet shopped at Saje, you've been missing out on some scents that are not only wonderful-smelling but healing as well. The power of aromatherapy is well-documented, so it's not a wonder that Saje's naturally defived sprays and diffused oils are popular among the health-conscious. What you may not have tried, though, is a nebulizer. A soundless, air-purifying humidifier that disperses essential oil into your room, this nebulizer (The AromaCloud) also has an optional, soothing LED light that will send you to dreamland peacefully. This is the perfect nebulizer for travel because it's light and portable, so no matter where you are, you can feel at home with your signature scent.

And for the DIY portion, don't forget how nice it is to simmer your favourite seasonal scents on the stovetop! To have these combos at the ready (and to kickstart the infusion process), make a few Mason jars ahead of time and pop them in the fridge. You'll need a few jars, and ingredients that will have a strong enough aroma when heated. Suggestions include citrus fruits and herb combos (I used lemon and rosemary to compliment the summer season, and tried out cinnamon and orange for an Autumn flavour). I got this idea from another blog, The Yummy Life, which I recommend checking out for more jarring ideas. Mint and lime would be a nice fresh combo!

Do you have other favourite ways to bring scents into  your home? I'd love to hear them so leave a comment if you're so inclined! Shout outs to Anthology and Blossoms for their many ideas, to Saje for the technologically advanced solution to scent, and a big thanks to photographer Lisa Landrie of A Photographic Life for these gorgeous photos. Couldn't ask for a better collaborator ;)


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