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Cat Life (featuring SCAT)


Its always been a trait of my family to pickup an animal if it was in distress, lost or hurt. I think I've lost track at how many cats, dogs, rabbits have been rescued by my family but maybe thats why certain people are put on this earth.  To rescue & help.  I think that's why there is also organizations such as SCAT run by amazing people who dedicate & volunteer their hearts to finding homes for the less fortunate fur babies.  Not everyone loves cats… but every animal deserves a chance at a good life. 


Take my Molly for example. She was left behind by her owners almost three years ago now. She started coming around our backyard and to me she looked homeless, matted, skinny and in need of some love. So naturally I gave her some canned salmon to see if she'd eat it.…. and the saying is true... "If you feed a cat… they will come back" (and she ate that meal like she hadn't had one in weeks)

 I had called a few shelters asking if a cat had been reported missing,  I asked around the neighbourhood to see if she in fact did have a home… but a few had said she belonged to the family that moved out of the rental house months ago.  So it was true. She was left behind to what… fend for herself? Die?  It sickens me that people can be so cruel. 

The fall season started to get colder at night…and I himmmed and hawwwed over keeping her since my husband is so allergic (and so am I)… and I know how much of a commitment it is to have a pet. I didn't have the heart to take her to SCAT OR SPCA (even though she would be in good hands, I still didn't have the heart to take her in and nor did either establishment have the space for her.  So I decided to just take one day at a time with her. I had set up an outdoor crate with a heated blanket inside. She loved it….but soon came winter and due to my husbands allergies, she became my "office cat" instead of my "house cat".

She fit in nicely and I never did let her back outside in fear of losing her or worse… I didn't want her to get hit by a car.  I couldn't ask for a better "office" cat. She doesn't get into trouble, she sleeps all day and stays watch all night. I'd say she's a picky eater when it comes to treats… in fact she turns her nose up at treats but loves her cat nip on the scratch pad.  She's not the type to cuddle on your lap… but she loves me enough to now sit close to me or lay on my desk while I work.

Pets are great companions… Dogs, cats etc…. If you're lucky enough to have one if your life, you are surly blessed.  And if you have rescued an animal in your life… Karma can be wonderful. 


I'd like to talk a little bit about SCAT. 

SCAT Street Cat Rescue is a no-kill volunteer powered organization that has been saving and bettering feline lives in Saskatoon, SK since 1997.

Street Cat Rescue promotes the implementation of feral cat population control through the internationally approved trap/neuter/release (TNR) program. Street kittens are brought into foster homes for socialization and adoption whenever possible. Because of the overpopulation of stray and feral cats in the Saskatoon area, their program is not able to take in surrendered pets as they are commonly at full capacity. They also act as a contact point for people who have lost pets, found stray cats or kittens, just need information, or are looking for a new feline friend.

Street Cat Rescue has built a solid foundation and an excellent reputation of hard work and commitment since 1996. Street Cat Rescue, a registered charity, works to support caregivers and potential caregivers by providing:

  • funds for spay/neutering
  • a helpline for such things as socialization, relocation, trapping, medical issues, and neonatal kitten care
  • a network between foster homes and adoptors
  • advice, moral support and hands-on assistance to businesses, acreage owners, and novice caregivers
  • educational materials and information sessions to promote public awareness of the suffering of homeless/feral cats directly linked to non-compliance with the spay/neuter philosophy.

They can continue to do wonderful amazing things with the support of volunteers and donations from the public.  

Caring for the animals requires a lot of time, love, money, and supplies.  You can mail items or visit our adoption centre to drop them off. You can also donate items from their Amazon Wish List. But if you donate an item through Amazon, please let them know so that they can thank you, by emailing your full name, address and item purchased.


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