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BAM ~ Riversdale Art collective

Bam is an art collective, started by a few local artists. Cynthia first introduced me to Bam after a nite at Grazing goat. Snuck me in even.. And more recently we met up for a short interview.

getting the tour.. on the walls is work by Andie Nicole Palynchuk, and glass balls hanging from ceiling by Sean O'Reilly. 

Rather than looking to art galleries, they created a space that would host shows for themselves and have the ability to invite other artists as well. Now, this doesn't mean you won't see their work around galleries in town, that would be fabulous too! But this space allows them to show//sell//share their work and preferably to a diverse audience.

Cynthia was always making stuff growing up on a organic farm, sewing to curb her need for fashion, making high heels and cool boots out of anything she could find. She was homeschooled, or unschooled as she calls it, until the age of 10; which is sure to breed creativity. 

After finishing high school in Saskatoon, she trained as a massage therapist and then entered into the art world at U of S. 

I've known Cynthia for a few years and love her spontaneous sense of humour and willingness to do or say just about anything. She runs deep but also knows how to have loads of fun.

a peek at one of CB's pieces to be shown on Friday

a peek at one of CB's pieces to be shown on Friday

Cynthia Blanchette is curating the show and has invited David Stonhouse (also of BAM), Alexa Hainsworth and Diana Chisholm (two other fabulous artists from saskatoon) to join her at Foresight. Their show is starting on Friday March 13th, dntn 20th st at BAM> I highly recommend heading there Fri nite between 7 -11 to check them out. Bring a wad of cash, there will be pieces available for sale! 

And they have the all the best food + drink nearby. Cynthia and I thought a perfect night would be Odd Couplethe Hollows, or Grazing Goat and then pop over to Bam after for the show.

in the back, where the magic happens. 

C: People often say to artists, Oh you were born with that, you must have been an artist from birth. But Picasso was in art school from the time he was a baby.

As a youth Cynthia had natural talent, but it's really hard work that makes a  success, like with any career. The art world is no different.  Even Picasso had to learn. And good art is a commitment. I absolutely love meeting artists and seeing what makes them tick. Where their inspiration comes from. Thanks again Cynthia for letting me so freely into your world. 

xo Tammy


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