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being there. being in front of the lens.

so the last thing I want to do these days after having my third 3 months ago.. is get in front of the  lens. I immediately feel ill at the thought of it. This is my most dreaded part of the whole process of making more humans. That darn post pardum body... ugh. I don't have it very lucky. My kids basically destroy my poor body... but.... you see those 3 beautiful mini's we created?? ya- I do it for them. 

I want my girl to see that mom's body was different when she was little. when her baby brother was just itty bitty. that's it's oh-kay for our bodies to fluctuate. I want these images in albums and canvased on my wall. 

I want my kids to see the love in these images. Leaving them with the feeling of love each day they fly past that image in the hallway. Remembering how mamma held them at age 3 and how daddy gave the best gentle hugs. 

because these moments are going to flash by in a blink. I've been told. we all have. our parents say how "it was just yesterday..." 

well I get these documented at least twice a year. Just like the rest of you. Mostly because I'm mainly the one doing these daily and caught behind the lens, which I LOVE, i truly love my job. Creating these same memories for all of my clients makes my heart so very happy. So thanks to my sidekick Tammy, for holding this chilly saturday morning in time. My 3 month, 3 year and almost 5 year old. My beautiful husband of almost 7 years. our pooch of almost 8. thank you. means so much.

Traveling With Baby: My Advice

Traveling With Baby: My Advice

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