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Simply Hitched

I remember always thinking to myself… who in their right mind gets married in Saskatchewan in February or March...but lo and behold, guess who decides to get married this past February?


You know what? It was magical.

For as long as I can remember I've never wanted a big wedding and I always thought I would end up eloping or planning something really simple.  So my dream wasn't far off and I planned my simple wedding in 3 weeks. I mean no disrespect to those who have chosen to do their wedding the larger way, the more detailed or complex way… but I can't stress how easy it can be to get married if you do things very simple. 

Let me set the scene:

*After dating & being engaged for almost 6 years… my beloved Shawn and I finally decided enough was enough. Lets just do this already!

*So we love the number 11, Shawn loves the number 22 and I love Sundays. We're quirky like that. Our wedding date was set for 11:00am Sunday, February 22nd 2015. 

*My wedding dress needed to be simple, classic… yet not too bridal… but I still I wanted to look like a bride. I shopped and shopped… and found "the one" at Le Chateau of all places (who would have thought after looking all over town) and I happily accessorized myself with a few of my own things and a few amazing items from my go-to place "Tonic" on 2nd ave. 

*I wanted to make my own flowers… and that I did. Thanks to Anthology for the greens. I made my own bouquet, a mini bouquet for my step daughter and the boutonnière's for Shawn and his son.  I had picked up the greens on a friday, made them that day and let them sit in a cool place till the big day.  

*We decided to make our ceremony very intimate. Just a jp, our two children, witness and a photographer of course.  Our JP Nora Jacobs was wonderful… and I highly recommend her! 

*Location was key but nothing I found in the city seemed to feel right for how we were doing things. As Im thinking this… I'm standing in our large dining room (that has no table yet)… and thinking why wouldn't we just get married in our home. Right here. Right where I'm standing.  I'm all about my gut feeling and my gut told me... It was the perfect spot, the perfect light and it just felt right.

*I didn't have anything fancy set up for the ceremony… just candles, lots of flower arrangements from the local grocery store, a little table set up for the signing and wine glasses set up for toasting "baby duck" afterwards. 

*I made a reservation at Truffles Bistro for at 1:00 brunch and I must say… getting married on a Sunday is brilliant because I love sundays and I love sunday brunch. 

Thanks so much to Tammy, my fellow OCM gal, friend, confidant from Boehmer Photography for being there to capture the moments.  



My step daughter and I woke up early Sunday morning and got ready at my office studio. I left Shawn a note with a few to-do things. (haha I think I was meant to be a wife):

 1) Light the candles 2) start the ambiance music 3) put the fruit tray out. :-)… "Luv you, see you at 11:00!"

He did good. lol


I arrived at 10:55 sharp and waited in the dining room to have a first glance at my hubby to be. 


We were like two little kids arriving in a candy store… excited and gleaming with happiness.


I wore a few very special accessories. My Oma's watch and my Nana's engagement ring. 


I was a bawl baby during my vows. (those photos are in the vault)… but who can blame a girl when she loves someone so much? 

I show my love through words, touch and emotion. 


Trying to fit rings on our sunday morning swollen fingers…lol 


Time for a toast with baby duck.  I have always been close to Shawn's two children…but that day made it official.  I am a stepmom. (the cool kind)


We paused after our toast to pose for a few simple pictures and different combinations. 

And then it was off to brunch at Truffles! 


I took few images I managed to snap myself… because of course being a photographer, I had to take my camera along. ;-)


Chicken and waffels, fresh coissants, eggs benny, poached eggs…you name it… we ordered it.  So delish.  My compliments to the chef! 


After brunch we came home, de-clothed into some comfy gear, watched movies all afternoon, ordered Pizza from Famoso that night…and reminisced how awesome our wedding day was. 

So there you have it. This was my simple sunday wedding and I loved every moment of it. Never feel pressured into having a big wedding ….or a wedding with 100's of people, or never feel ashamed for having a small wedding with no guests. Your wedding should be a reflection of what you see together as a couple.  I've always been a believer that if there is one thing you should splurge on for your wedding (no matter how you plan it)… is professional photography.  I can look back now and smile… and love that I have something captured in a way that is true, beautiful and heartfelt. 

Dress For Success - Ensemble

Dress For Success - Ensemble

and so... the adventure begins