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A love letter to my 3 year old son.

A love letter to my 3 year old son.

Someone pinch my “baby boy” seriously 3 already?!?!  From the moment you were born I always heard the advice “enjoy every moment, it passes so quickly” and as all moms out there know you never quite realize how crazy fast it all goes until you experience it. It seems like moments ago that I was feeling your movements and kicks inside of me only imagining what you would be like.  If you were a boy or a girl, what you would look like and what sort of things you would be into.  Now fast forward (I mean REALLLLY FAST) 3 years and I’m so in love with this character that you have become. 

At the first thought of writing a personal post directed towards my 3 year old son I immediately started drowning in my own thoughts. What to say and what approach to take, what memories to include, and what feelings to touch on.  I decided to go with some of those mushy mom moments that make me melt inside. 

My heart exploded the moment you were born and immediately grabbed onto my fingers and held on for dear life. I remember that moment so clearly, your tiny hands wrapped around my fingertips and knew immediately our connection would be forever. So many things racing through my mind but most of all I just wanted you to know that I would love you forever and that I would do everything in my power to protect you. 

This time of year tends to get me sentimental and reminiscent since we both share March as our birth month (I’m writing this on my birthday).  We are both another year older and it’s the perfect time to sit back and appreciate all that we have.  We have an incredible husband/daddy that is supportive to us on every level, and strong immediate family on both of our sides that stand by our every move and we thank you for that!

After listening in amazement to a made up story from my chatterbox of a son the other morning I bluntly asked him “Kai, who taught you how to speak so well?” and his answer showed just how important his family is to him. “Daddy taught me how to talk, and you taught me, and nana taught me, and papa taught me, and mitch taught me, and......” he went on and on and mentioned every single person in our immediate family (on both me and my husbands sides) and ended it with “my families taught me how to talk, I love my families so much” That right there is a beautiful thing and I will do my best to keep that family love strong in my boys heart. 

My love letter for Kai.  

I love the way you love to dance. 

I love the way you randomly stop what your doing to come lean your head into me throughout the day and say “i love you so much momma”

I love the way you grab my face and kiss me!

I love your sensitivity.

I love the way you tell me that I am beautiful.

I love when I pick you up and you cling on to me like a Koala bear. 

I love the way you ask about ALL of your family near and far and love them with all of your heart. 

I love the way you make every day things seem so incredibly amazing again, letting me feel like I’m seeing and experiencing things for the first time all over. 

I love the way you LOVE animals and will laugh at anything to do with “puppies and kitty cats” and the special bond you have with your dog-sister Zakia.

I love seeing you play and interact with other kids. 

I love how suddenly you are structuring proper sentences and carrying on conversation with adults, I want to listen to you non-stop. 

I love the way you smile and shyly check out every situation. 

I love the way you have to play with your belly button while you drink your milk.

I love the way you love to perfect everything you do. 

I love the way you are so passionate about “making people feel better”

I love the way you analyze everything around you. 

I love your jokes and the way that you laugh at your own jokes (got that from your dad)

I love the rate at which you are learning which leads me to ask your dad pretty much every day “did you teach him that?” and usually neither of us have a clue where you picked things up. SPONGES

I love how you love going to your nana and papas for sleepovers and still get sooooo excited when we come to pick you up the next day. Those celebrations are never forgotten.  

I love how you ask to listen to my heart and then lean in for a cuddle (even in the middle of the grocery store). 

I love how you LOVE TO CUDDLE.

I love all of your questions (ex. what every road sign says/means, and then you somehow memorize it all)

I love how you love to sing along with me. (I could listen to you all day)

I love how every single time I walk in to your room to get you milk or fix your blanket or whatever other thing you need you say “mommy I love you”, making me feel better for getting up in the middle of the night.

I love how proud you are when you can do something by yourself. 

I love seeing you grow and develop.


I love how you made me a mom, my favorite rolE so far. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying parenting is all peaches. We have challenges every day, but it’s always nice to find time to sit back and reflect on all of those moments that make it all so worth it. 

xo, dm,

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