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Sunday Sessions - Inspired (Bruised) Banana Bread

Sunday Sessions - Inspired (Bruised) Banana Bread

(Bruised) Banana Bread

This banana bread was too good not to share.  While scanning through my Instagram feed, I came across a food image. Like any good photo, it causes you to want to explore further. My intrigue led me to link to Fraiche Nutrition's Instagram page.  Mesmerized by the imagery and the content I proceeded to the blog page. Inspired, I proceed to open the pantry to see what I could make.

My endeavour Ito recreate Fraiche Nutrition's banana bread recipe quickly turned into accomplishment. Easy, satisfying and absolutely delicious, especially when served warm.

Banana bread is a perfect way to use ripe bananas, hence the reference to bruising in the title.

I followed the recipe with the exception of a few modifications.  The simple substitutions included:

  • Substituting milk for almond milk; 
  • Replacing sugar with coconut sugar;
  • Adding chunks of chocolate to the batter;
  • Topping with crushed Walnuts.

The complete recipe can be found on Fraiche Nutrition's blog.

Thank you for sharing this incredible recipe with the world.



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