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What's In my Makeup Bag?

I'm about to leave on a jet plane but first I have to pack!  I have some serious OCD when it's come to packing. I can literally pack for a week. In my defence I have three other people I have to pack for...  You would think I would have the makeup kit part down by now after packing my professional makeup kit hundreds of times but I don't exactly...  I am constantly trying out new ways and new products to make my life easier but I'm still not finding it all that easy!  Here are a few of my current personal makeup kit must haves.

The tools

In the "Tools Kit " are a Beauty Blender, a mini Beauty Blender, Beauty Blender's hard soap cleanser(great for brushes too), an eyelash curler(Mac), a small pair of scissors, tweezers(Mac), a comedone(a skin saver, trust me), a pencil sharpener(invest in a good one that won't munch up your pencils), and a brush vessel.  I'm also tossing in the round grey tin called The Colour Switch.  It is a neat little product that allows you to run your brush across it and it cleans out the extra colour on your brush so you can switch to another colour without changing your brush.  


These are some of my current brush essentials.  From the smallest to largest: 

Mac's #266 brush- For lining your eyes with gel liner.

Mac's #210-For smudging out eye liner. A smoky eye must have.

Makeup Forever's Brow brush- For applying brow powder and blending it.

Mac's #231- It's a multi purpose brush.  You can use it for smudging out liner or applying lipstick .  I carry two of these.

Mac's #239- For packing eyeshadow on your lid.  You can also smudge eyeliner with it.

Paula Dorf's Sheer Crease Brush.  This brush is discontinued however all the brands sell a crease blending brush like this.  It is for applying shadow to the crease. The tip of the brush allows you to apply the colour and the hair surrounding it are cut so it blends as you apply.  It's pretty fool proof.

Mac's #252- Good for applying quick all over colour to your eyelids.

Cozzette S140- This brush was made for highlighting but I also like it to apply a sheer wash of power under the eyes.  Roque Cozzette's line is beautiful and it's all Vegan!

Mac's #163- This brush is so versatile!  It's an amazing blush brush. It is also great for contour and powdering.

Charlotte Tilbury's sculpting brush.  It sculpts cheekbones, applies powders to the t zone, and you can even use it to apply blush.

Mac's #187.  Another super versatile brush.  Use it to apply your foundation, powders, and bronzers. It applies colour lightly.

Tom Ford's bronzing brush.  It's large shape allows for natural bronzing of the face and body.  A great dupe for this and also a far cheaper one is The Real Techniques bronzing brush.  Real techniques is sold at London Drugs.



In the "Skin Prep Kit".

Mac's Stobe Cream- Brings dull skin back to life with a radiant sheen.  

Mac's Fix Plus- Is great under and over makeup.  It refreshes the skin and takes the powdery finish off your makeup if you have applied too heavily .Some people think it helps your makeup to stay longer.  I haven't found that to be the case but it sure feels really nice!

Urban Decay eyelid primer helps your eyeshadow to say all day and to not crease up.

Lip balm.  I carry two one with SPF and another to hydrate my lips.  I'm not that particular about the brand..

Eye Cream.  Hydrate under those eyes before applying concealor.  I love the Keihls brand.

Paula's Choice is my go to skin care line.  I use a minimum of 30 SPF under my makeup.  I also have a 50 SPF by Cetaphil just in case.

Alcohol for quick disinfecting.

Rimmel's gentle eye makeup remover does the job.

Nar's Orgasm liquid highlighter.  You can use this on your body alone for a glow or mix in in with you foundation for extra radiance.

In the "Makeup kit"

Chanel cream Bronzer

Laura Mercier concealor for pimples

Mac Mineralize Skin Finish Natural.  I'm not a huge powder fan but I may need a little where I'm going to. :)

Tom Ford's Coca Mirage quad eyeshadow.  I don't leave home without this.  So many possibilities in these four eyeshadows.

Charlotte Tilbury's Film Star Bronze and Glow.  For sculpting and highlighting.

Face Atelier's foundation.  I'm in between two shades so I mix.  There's also a dark color adjuster that you can add in case you need to adjust the colour.  I'm hoping I'll get to use that.  These are in pro sizes for lighter packing.

Makeup Forever's HD cream blush #410 and Weekend Getaway by Mac.

Mac's eyebrow pencil in Fling for blondes.

Nar's new Audacious Mascara.  The formula is good.  I'm not sold on the brush because it's huge but I'll use it up..

Mac's Giga Black Mascara.  My favorite mascara.  I don't leave home without it.

Maybeline's Brow Drama tinted eyebrow gel.  Great for a really quick brow.

Charlotte Tilbury's lipstick.  Coachella Coral and Red Carpet Red.  New years is coming.  Red lips and my Mac's pressed pigment in Deeply dashing will be my party look.

Mac's Pro Long Wear concealor.  Great product.  Horrible packaging.  What are you going to do?  Complain to the company?  I did.

Mac's Coffee eyeliner. Demolition by Urban Decay(long wear).  They are both brown but different browns lol.   I don't tend to use a lot of black on myself..  Makeup Forever's waterproof lipliner in 8C to compliment Charlottes red.



And finally I like to use clear bags to pack.  I like the ones by Monda.  They are affordable and great quality.  I keep my brushes in a brush vessel that can stand up on your counter.


I hope you enjoyed looking into my personal kit and have a Happy New Year everyone!

Lisa Hallam Makeup Artistry



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