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6 Instagram Accounts that will make you want to eat healthy

Image from  @foodmatters

Image from @foodmatters

Are you in need of some inspiration for how to eat well and enjoy it? Especially over the holidays? I follow the philosophy that although food is by far the best medicine (thanks for the tip, Hippocrates) should also be DE-LICIOUS. These 6 accounts will both inform and inspire you to make some healthy food tonight. Scroll through the list below right now and follow the ones that make your mouth water. Enjoy! 

1. Food Matters - @foodmatters

Your daily dose of health & wellness inspiration including healthy recipes, nutrition tips, wellness guides and the latest news on natural health. - 104,000 followers


2. Oh She glows - @ohsheglows

Making veggies exciting since 2008, Angela Liddon is the creator of award-winning recipe blog Oh She Glows and the author of New York Times Bestseller, The Oh She Glows Cookbook. - 311,000 followers


3. Joyous Health - @joyoushealth

Canadian holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy provide inspiration to live your best life ever, sprinkled with several pics of her brand new baby and super helpful hubby. I have her cookbook, too, and it's the first book to buy if you're just getting into the world of healthy eating.- 24,000 followers

4. Whole Life Nutrition - @wholelifenutrition

Alissa Segersten is the author of the BEST cookbook I own (and a mother of five kids!!). My naturopath, Dr. Jacqui Fleury of True Potential Health in Saskatoon, recommends it as the only guide you need to eat your way to wellness. So...I'm pretty happy that Alissa has started this Insta account with with organic, whole foods, gluten-free ideas. - 4,011 followers

5. Against All Grain - @againstallgrain

Danielle Walker was named top 30 under 30 by Forbes magazine and is the author of the New York Times Bestselling Cookbook titled 'Against All Grain'. She healed herself from a severe autoimmune condition that nearly killed her in her 20's . How did she do it? It wasn't through the traditional medical system, it was with food and lifestyle changes. Follow her for a snapshot of life behind the scenes with her family and most importantly, her delicious (mostly paleo) recipes. - 144,000 followers 


6. Leyda's Cafe - @leydascafe

Leyda's is my favourite restaurant in Saskatoon. It was created by Dr. Maltman, a locally renowned physician with a passion for integrative medicine. She's a dynamo and we can all thank her for leading the charge in Canada to bring integrative medicine principles into university medical training, among too many other projects to list here. She opened up Leyda's a few years ago to provide the food she believes in: organic, whole food, gluten-free and nut-free. It's a bonus to all of us that she brought in a top-notch chef to turn these ideas into scrumptious eats.- 1,965 followers

Enjoy! And let us know who you follow for healthy eating ideas that don't taste like cardboard. 



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