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Holiday Party . TonicxOCM

Holiday Party . TonicxOCM

Tonic Saskatoon Christmas 2015

Last night, we ladies of Our Collective Muse got together to do two of our favorite things: visit over a few drinks and yummy treats, and shop. The occasion? Our second Christmas party together, once again held at our co-blogger Roxanne's shop, Tonic (her 2nd Avenue location, to be precise). The store looked wonderfully festive and we girls and the visiting shoppers enjoyed ourselves entirely. Here's a little recap of the evening. 

Lost River Distillery is our blogmate, Lisa Landrie's latest foray into locally-produced consumables (she and her hubby also have NuBee Honey), and the tasting station did not disappoint. A contest to name their creme liquor attracted a lot of attention and led to some fun brainstorming conversations.

Around the store, our favorite pieces got the seal of approval treatment in the form of "bloggers' pick" tags and as we were putting them out, it was a ton of fun to guess what our fellow OCMers would gravitate toward. 

Citizen Cafe and Bakery provided ah-mazing treats, many of which were unbelievably gluten-free. The Mexican chocolate cookies were a stand out but really, every bite of brought an "mmm!" to the tasters' lips. 
The storewide discount of 20% was nearly as attractive as Tonic's on-point and diverse wares, so try-on parties were a must. Of course, connecting with each other and other friends was the main draw for us! We also welcomed ideas for future blog topics. Which, speaking of, we are always interested to hear if one springs to mind. You can email or Facebook message us, or if you know one of us, just mention it in person! 

Click through the gallery (photos by deMo Photography ) to get a feel for the scene last night:

We have to really give it up for Roxanne for hosting last night. From the gorgeous setting to the glasses of bubbly, oranges, and organization, she really brought it. To see any of our "picks" in person and to find a few of your own, pop into Tonic, either on 2nd Avenue or at Broadway and 10th. And if you can't make it into the shop, you can always shop online at
Merry Christmas!


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