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A Tidy Pantry

A Tidy Pantry

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For all of the benefits open concept layouts offer, the one drawback is having so few doors to close. When guests are due to arrive and I need to make my home look neat, there are very few places I can chuck things in a hurry. That, combined with a general out-of-sight-out-of-mindedness, is the very reason I've regrettably created a pantry of shame (pictured below in all of its unedited glory). 

messy pantry before photo.jpg

The problem with this unkempt mess is that I've found it difficult to keep a private matter, what with guests requiring sundries upon their visits. Being a creative type, I have developed techniques to distract from the scene, waiting to grab a bottle or napkin until my friends are occupied with petting my cats or playing with my baby. Other times, I slip nimbly into the entrance like the pantry is some sort of cavernous space that swallows me whole ("I'm just finding the tea selection, be out in a jif!"). But if they catch a peek as the door is ajar, I simply spill the secret I've mentioned already to you, dear reader, which is that I do in fact have a pantry of shame.

Anywho. I decided to tidy. And I thought, in the event that you have a space behind whose door you've been housing your clutter, perhaps you'd appreciate my taking a step for us both. 

how to organize your pantry.jpg

The first order of business was to empty everything from the pantry and sort it. There were a surprising amount of stale crackers and failed Home Sense purchases, so I had to dump and recycle a lot of stuff. I also had items that were perfectly good, but I knew I wouldn't use; those, I set aside for the Food Bank. I re-homed my dish towels to a drawer beside the stove and chose a few recipe books to keep handy, putting others into my charity pile and more sentimental ones away elsewhere. 

organizing your pantry.jpg

If bottles needed a little wipe, I took a moment to do that. Who knows when I'll next pull out that litre of Cuban coconut liquor? Then, I stepped back to admire the clean lines of my pantry which I hadn't seen since moving in.

staggered shelving pantry.jpg

It was very satisfying.

tidy pantry how to.jpg

I washed each shelf, swept the floor, and replaced the contents, trying to be mindful of the note commonly used items. I brought in a wine rack my brother-in-law, Brian made for me to be a home to wine and screw-top alcohols, put the broom in the garage entrance closet, made sense of my party supplies, and consolidated my bag collections. The final product?

organizing your pantry after photo.jpg

Pretty tidy. Shame, be gone. 

Xo Maygen

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