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Bathing Beauty

One of my favourite things to do during these cold winter months, is relax in a warm bubble bath. Throughout the day, I find myself looking forward to running one as soon as I get home.  Today I'd like to share a of couple things I do to make each bath blissful. 

First and foremost, a cute bathroom space is essential for maximum R&R. I love the cozy, vintage feel of this room. It doesn't have to be fancy, just pick up a couple pieces of decor that will help you feel right at home. I love Homesense for this. 

Time to draw the bath! I like my water hot hot hot. So hot that you have to ease into it. Since I typically bathe for extended periods of time, I like the water to remain a good temperature. 

Next, squirt in some bubble bath! Lush products are great and they smell delightful! So good that my little dog Chanel had to come take a sniff. 

Occasionally I will add in some scented Epsom salts. I have been using these lately as I have been working on my fitness (resolutions ;) and they are said to help sore muscles. 

Although I don't always have the time or energy to go through all these steps when I bathe, I almost always light a candle or two. My personal favourites are Illume candles from Tonic. They are so fragrant, they feel up the entire room with the most amazing scents.  My go to scents are Pineapple and Cilantro. 

If I go overboard with the hot bath water, I often go make a cup of tea while I wait for it to cool down.  Kusmi tea from Paris, available on, makes me feel oh so chic and Parisian. 

Last but not least, I like to grab a little reading material. I received so many great books and magazines for Christmas this year, I have a lot to choose from. My only problem is, I just can't seem to keep the pages dry. Oh well, it gives the books a lived-in feel :) 

My gorgeous floral kimono from tonic, also doubles as a robe around the house. 

My very own personal towel warmer. I would highly recommend one. Life is hard.


Now go draw yourself a warm bath and relax. You deserve it girl!

a big thanks to my helpful hubby for the photos and my pup Chanel for being a natural model. 


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