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Cooking Class - spicing up a Monday night

This Monday evening, Kelsi (fellow blogger) and I set out to try something new as a fun ladies night out. With life always getting in the way it's easy to slip up on get togethers with those closest to us, so we thought why not do something new and out of the ordinary! We heard about the cooking classes at Bottega Trattoria and decided to sign up!

With Executive chef John Costanzi teaching us some of his tricks we were sure to create something delightful and learn some skills to bring home to our own kitchens. 

The evening started with us arriving and being welcomed by a lovely glass of wine and the company of some fun ladies, we all had a bunch of laughs throughout the evening!  Once we all were settled with our wine we jumped right into the cooking class which was all ready and set for us to get creating. 

First things first, we found out what was on the cooking agenda, ravioli!! We got started by learning the tricks to creating a flawless dough, one of John's family recipes. 

After kneading and kneading (and quickly realizing how much muscle it takes) we finally created perfect balls of dough, which we then let sit for a while we all sipped on wine, joked and got to know the other ladies and Chef John. 

We also made the filling for our ravioli while letting the dough process. 

Just the filling alone was delicious, we tasted away as we seasoned and adjusted to our personal likings, using arugula, ricotta, roasted garlic, parmesan and salt and pepper. 

Now the dough was ready to stretch out, it was really cool to see how thin we could stretch it, simply using an attachment on a kitchen aid. 

Then we portioned out our filling and created pockets around each ball of filling, carefully pressing the dough together all around and then cutting them apart into individual pieces. 

John Costanzi then cooked up each of our servings  and tossed them in a simple tomato sauce he created while we all took a moment to sit and chat and ask him questions. 

Now for the fun part, we finally got to taste the fruits of our labor!  The Ravioli was AH-mazing, I couldn't believe I actually made it.  After oo-ing and ah-ing over all of our creations he treated us to a very generous serving of his special Tiramisu. drooooool.

What a delightful Monday Evening!  We got out of the house for something new in the middle of winter, spent quality time laughing and learning and got to end it off with a DELICIOUS meal.  I highly recommend this class, would make a fun date for a couple, a friends get together (stagettes too!), or even a sweet gift (Valentines day is coming up!)

If you're interested in taking the Taste of Italy cooking class at Bottega, stop in or call 306-954-2931.  They host classes the third Monday of each month at 7pm.  Classes are limited to twelve people, so book quick!  Oh, and did I mention complimentary wine?

Executive Chef, John Costanzi teaches these classes and his resume is pretty incredible.  While in Vancouver, John honed his culinary talents in some of Vancouver's top Italian restaurants before going to work for the Glowbal Group as executive chef in many of their locations.  Now in Saskatoon, he co-owns Bottega Trattoria.  His food is simple, elegantly rustic and honest while letting the natural flavours be the stars. Making everything in house that he can, he believes in getting back to cooking basics and having fun!

Special thank you to Bottega Trattoria for the fun evening!



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