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Checking out

A little personal post on the blog today from Jocelyn of deMo Photography. 

Checking out. 

Lately I've noticed this insane tornado whirlwind i've been floating in. With a third baby on the way and work on it's high of busyness. My first two babes have been loosing out on a bit of mommy time. Guilt was setting in. This was noticed almost a year ago. 

So I stroked two weeks off the calendar and did everything in my power not to book any sessions. Of course there is always editing to be done but that can happen during nap time, and what better office then a 5th wheel at the lake. My goal was to not bring my lap tops at all, but no such luck. I turned away a few weddings and lifestyle sessions. It killed me. really it did. But I had to do it for me. for my beautiful husband. for our babies. 

We went camping for 2 weeks straight. Our days consisted of early breakfasts, long walks with Bellah (our pooch), bike rides, mud puddles, river races in the sand, floating, running, hearty suppers, late night bedtimes complete with story after story after story. 

oh can't forget spitz and moijitos chalked full of mint. oh yum yum.... Of course I await next summer when I can put the proper ingredients in them.... BOOZE!! 

So I hope that you all "checked out" this summer at some point. It's so good for the soul. A recharge and to just be int he moment. I miss it but am trying to find this balance on a daily basis. TO just be. 

Cheers ya'll. *Note- this is a test.. to see how many of you actually read posts or just look at the pictures. If you've made it this far... you are awesome sauce! leave me your favourite "checked out" summer moment in the comment box and my fav story will receive a little something something via some happy mail. I'mll be checking!!!! 

Also check out my blog soon for a full post on some more camping pics:) 




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