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Photographers Need Photos Too


Sometimes the word "impromptu" has big meaning in my world.  I can be a procrastinator at times… so when an impromptu opportunity strikes, I like to take it. Case in point, last week the wonderful Karyn Kimberley and I got together for a little style shoot. I showed up at Karyn's place on my cruiser bike excited to take some shots for her… and lone behold, Karyn decides I need a photo shoot of my own.  I didn't have much time to procrastinate, worry or freak out lol… so it was perfect.  Its a little thing I like to call… Impromptu goodness. 


I never realized how much I needed my photo professionally taken. Photographers not only need photos… but your soul needs photos too. You know… those feelings deep down inside?... The ones you can't really see, but they come out in a photograph.  Yup, those.  

My nervous habit is to look down. A good photographer will capture you in all your glory… even if it is looking down and smiling. 


 I purchased my cruiser bike from the "gently used" section at Bike Doctor. It was meant to be.


Its amazing what you can pull together in 5 minutes for an impromptu photo shoot. No time to procrastinate choosing props.  This little blue bottle of heaven is a Kronenburg which comes from France… and I will visit there one day. 

I visited Palm Springs last year and found this amazing sweater/fur combo from Micheal Kors on sale. I had to have it because whats better for fall, than fur and warmth! Plus for some reason it made me feel like a millionaire…. because Im sure millionaires wear fake fur. ;-)


I've always invested in good eyewear. Why take any risks wearing Dollarama brand.  Versace has come out with some gorgeous styles lately. Treat your eyes to something worthy. 

This little blue tote bag comes from Indigo. Every girl needs a little tote for her essentials.

Bunker Boots from  Tryst Boutique  in Saskatoon.

Bunker Boots from Tryst Boutique in Saskatoon.

A big amazing thank you goes out to Karyn Kimberly for making me see that its important that photographers have photos too. 


drumroll please... we have a winner!

drumroll please... we have a winner!

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