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The Simple Sandwich

I remember the time when I was a kid… and I asked my mom for a "lettuce and ketchup sandwich."  I guess you could say I've always been the kid who liked sandwiches in my lunch and to this day, I still do. I may have become a little more creative than lettuce and ketchup… but nonetheless… I love sandwiches.  Its like my art on bread instead of a canvas. 

First thing you need to make a great sandwich first and foremost? Bread.

Ohhhhh bread. You're so important for a sandwich and you keep me from being a size 2… but whatcha guna do.  I love supporting local and buying my bread, buns etc from bake shops around Saskatoon. This particular loaf is a spelt loaf from The Night Oven Bakery.  It sliced up great… and was extra tasty when toasted.


Tomato. You are a cancer fighter and you need to always be on a sandwich. Nice ripe red tomatoes … sliced thin (make sure you have a good knife).


Swiss Cheese. Yeah probably my favorite type of cheese on the market. Whats better than "holy" cheese? Nothing. ;-)


Salami.  Only a few slices will do. The thinner the better… and if you pick up a brand with a spicy kick to it… it sure makes for a great sandwich.


This particular sandwich I decided to grill the cheese under the broiler and added a bit of grated cheddar. Wow. Can you say mouth watering 18 times fast? Do it. 



Garnish. Now I love lettuce on my sandwiches (pretty much anything green will do)… but I also love cilantro on anything. (weird I know) So always add a little greenery to your sandwich. It will make it completely colourful and healthy. 


If sandwiches left your realm…bring 'em back! They are classic, nutritional, photogenic and lovely all at the same time. Enjoy. 

Harvest Series: Pickled Beets

Harvest Series: Pickled Beets

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