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Nettle's Tale Swimwear

Jen is wearing a Nettle's Tale tank with a necklace by  elizabeth.lyn

Jen is wearing a Nettle's Tale tank with a necklace by elizabeth.lyn

Have you heard of Nettle's Tale? I first saw her designs earlier this spring, her swimwear photos drew me in. Real woman with honest bodies advertising her suits. So, what else is a gal to do but buy a swimsuit! and so I did. That post will also be coming soon once my bikini arrives in the mail... 

a word from their website:

'Our designs grow out of local stories. Each swimsuit is modelled by and named after the woman who inspired its design. As you shop, you can read a profile about each of these uniquely beautiful women. Connect with who she is and what makes her body unique. Every time her suit design is sold, 10% of the profits will go to a charitable cause she's passionate about.'

even works for maternity!

even works for maternity!

The swimwear is designed in Vancouver so I took the liberty of contacting the owner//designer Julia to inquire if my suit would be available for pick up. Although it wasn't ready (cause all good things come to those who wait), Julia provided us with tank tops that we could photograph on the Island of Pender!

After landing in Vancouver we headed straight to her home. Picked up some tanks and wanted to share the love with all of you. Hope you enjoy!

below is Julia modelling a vintage piece I wish I could get my hands on! Love the red with stripes. Would look perfect on my little Pipes. 

Happy Shopping! 

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