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A little adventure does the heart good

A little adventure does the heart good


In the last few months, my career as a photographer has been a much needed creative outlet and escape, but it has also allowed me to do a little bit of travel and exploration of not only myself, but the world around me. Today I want to share a little of my journey over the last 7 months.

In 2013 I was lucky enough to travel to my favourite place in the world, not once, but twice, Mexico! Not only did I get two unforgettable tropical vacations, but I my travels took me there to photograph two beautiful weddings! 1 trip to Cancun, and another to Playa Del Carmen. I am infatuated with the Caribbean. The culture... the music and dancing... the ocean. The never ending span of sand and water that humbly reminds you of how small you really are. All while sipping a Corona or two... paradise.

February 2014 found me jet setting to Las Vegas to shoot another destination wedding! It was my first time to Vegas and let's say it was pretty much just how I expected it to be. So alive, so bright, so completely opposite from Saskatoon. I spent 99.9% of my time people watching and enjoying the sunshine.

May 2014 I had my adventure to Los Angeles, California. My good friend Alicia (owner of Capelli Salon Studio in Saskatoon) and I took a trip together to indulge in our passions - fashion, photography, and hair. While she attended some editorial styling classes, I had my own work to do. I was lucky enough to work with a stunning young model from Next Models LA, Jordan, on a creative test shoot. She was beautiful. A bucket list dream checked off my list that day - shooting on a swanky roof top pool overlooking the Hollywood Hills. LA was unreal. I fell in love with that city. The style, shopping, and inspiration is unbelievable, a fashion girls dream. I indulged amazing vegan food, and wine... and a bit more wine, because why not? I cannot wait to go back to LA again... soon <3

After a late night flight home from LA, I immediately went off to Regina to take in some of Saskatchewan Fashion Week and do a little bit of shoot for the amazinggggg Laurie Brown - unforgettable show to close off SFW that everyone there will not soon forget. During the month of May I spent more time working and traveling then I did at home in Saskatoon. During that whirlwind month I also spent some time in the gorgeous mountain city of Jasper, Alberta. Jasper is one of my new favourite places. The town is small, but full of life and so much beauty. Although this trip was for relaxation not work, I am never without my camera and of course I snapped a few travel photos for my scrapbook!

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