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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Kusmi Tea

Kusmi Tea

With Mother's Day only a few days away, we've complied some great gift ideas to let your Mother know how much you care.   

Kusmi tea's are pure and authentic tea blends that go back to the 1800's.  Any tea lover would be blown away by the flavour and beautifully designed tea tin.

The delicate, sweet smell of coconut milk and mango candles are another top pick for Mother's day.  

All of the above are from  Tonic  and online at

All of the above are from Tonic and online at

Roxanne's PIck:

I know my mother would not appreciate this gift, but as a mother myself, this is my pick for mothers day.  I love local coffee shops that roast their own beans and have a passion for quality and flavour.  So, whenever I travel I pick up some coffee or espresso beans to take home with me.  I try to "save" them, or make them last as long as possible, not knowing when I will be in that city again to replenish my coffee bean supply.  Then I discovered coffee subscriptions.  I know there are lots of great local coffee roasters in my city but I love getting packages in my mailbox and Detour coffee roasters offers a great coffee subscription.

Detour offers one, two, or three month subscriptions, that way my Mother's Day can last just a little bit longer :)

Kelsi's Pick

Although I am not yet a mama, sometimes I can convince my fiancee that I deserve a Mother's Day present because we have a dog together (sneaky, I know ;). This year, Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb La Vie en Rose Fragrance is at the top of my list.  This limited-edition perfume is a fresher, lighter version of the iconic Flowerbomb fragrance, which is my signature scent.  It is described as "bursts of nectar bringing an explosion of happiness." Plus, the pearly bottle is just too cute. You can find it at Sephora. 


Karyn's pick

My Mother is a very skilled gardener.  She has a way of transforming a yard into an oasis - a place to spend your days from sunrise to sunset.   Succulents have long been a part of her yard and she continues to grow a variety.  In addition to planting succulents in her garden, she makes stunning pots and frames of living art.  I've been fortunate to receive these beautiful pieces and think they make the greatest gifts (see her work below).  If you are new to succulent arrangements and prefer some guidance, Solar Gardens offers succulent bowl and living wall classes.  Why not sign the both of you up?  Give the gift of quality time together and leave with a gorgeous succulent arrangement!

Lisa Hallam's PIcks:

Working in the make up industry, Lisa knows how make up can make a girl feel glamourous.  Here are a few of her favorite beauty products every Mother and daughter would love equally.  

Laura Mercier concealer for a "restful" appearance, luxe Tom Ford eyeshadow quad, bright MAC lipstick and flirty false lashes

Laura Mercier concealer for a "restful" appearance, luxe Tom Ford eyeshadow quad, bright MAC lipstick and flirty false lashes

Lisa Landrie's Pick:

My Mother is a huge health nut and I have to say I love her for it. She's always telling me about what to add in my diet, make sure you're getting enough of this and that… and well, she's my mom. That's what mom's are for ;-)

Honey has amazing health benefits and it just so happens to be the perfect addition to sweeten your tea or coffee! NuBee Premium is available at City Perks Coffeehouse and a cute jar of honey would be a great little addition to a pretty gift basket filled with fresh baking, tea or coffee beans and pretty napkins.

Let's spoil our sweet mothers this year :-)

Lisa Landrie NuBee Honey

Tammy's picks:

I had been desiring a Baggu bag online for some time now. I was so thrilled when I saw them at Tamarak General Store in Saskatoon! 

Have you tried Camelina oil by Three Farmer's? Amazing. 

My mother's day picks are a bit more practical than most, but maybe it's just the kinda gal I am. Thankfully there is room for all of us!

That being said, my last pick is from the delightful store Anthology. I'd never turn down flowers.

Happy Mother's Day, you deserve all the love in the world! and maybe a couple cute items too.

Baggu available at Tamarak

Baggu available at Tamarak

Camelina Oil by Three Farmer's

Camelina Oil by Three Farmer's

Flowers by Anthology

Flowers by Anthology



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