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Invitation Station

Invitation Station

By far, the most daunting task of wedding planning up until this point (a few weeks from the BIG day), has been the invitations.  It was the first major task I needed to cross off my list.  The ordeal began with deciding on an invitation style.  I knew I wanted to incorporate lace, as it will be present throughout my wedding. After searching for ideas online, I found a few styles I liked.  Taking aspects from each, I set out to make my wedding invitations.

Supplies. I purchased all supplies at Staples, Jo-Ann Fabric, and Michaels.  You will need 5.25 x 7.25 ivory envelopes, champagne (or any) colored card stock, a paper cutter, a roll of lace, a bottle of wine ;), Fabri-tac glue, Mod Podge, a sponge brush applicator, a paper plate, and ivory card stock. 


  1. Lay down a sheet or other material that will help contain the glitter (it has a mind of it's own).  Cut the ivory card stock with the paper cutter.  You will need one piece (5x7") for the backing of the invitation and one (4x6") for the actual written portion of the invitation.  If you are getting this card printed somewhere (I got mine done at Staples), they can cut this piece for you.  Then cut the glitter card stock.  Mine came in 12x12" sheets and I cut three 6 7/8x4 3/4" pieces from each sheet. 
  2. Cut a 5.5" long piece of lace.  Apply a line of Fabri-Tac glue along the straight side of the lace, as well as on the left & right ends.  
  3. Press the glued lace along the bottom of the glitter card stock and around the sides.
  4. Pour some Mod Podge onto the paper plate and apply a thin layer (with the sponge brush) to the back of the glitter card stock (which now has lace attached).  Stick the glitter card stock onto the 5x7" piece of ivory card stock.  Be sure to paste it flush with the bottom edge, with an equal border along the top and left & right sides.  
  5. Stack your invitation under something heavy (i.e., a phonebook) to ensure it dries flat.  Leave it there for at least 30 mins.
  6. Print the written card yourself or get it printed at a store.  Don't forget to include an RSVP card, accommodation information, and gift registry. I made these cards 4x3" and used the lace as a pocket to hold everything together! 

Viola- you are done!  Unfortunately, I can't help you with making a guest list, compiling addresses, putting on address labels, or mailing them :) 

Viola- the final product! 

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