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DIY - ear cuff

I'm a sucker for a pretty DIY and when I saw my favorite blogger Honestly WTF post an ear cuff DIY, I was ready to get crafting.  Easier than expected, the two variations I made took longer to dry than to actually piece together.  If you're feeling crafty and want a unique piece, give this simple how-to a try.  I prefer a more subtle look, but if your feeling bold, why not make a replica of Cara Delevinge's embellished Chanel cuff?  Because it's like they say, go big or go home.

What you'll need:

  • a few 8 x 4 mm Swarovski navette rhinestones and settings
  • a few 11 x 3 mm Swarovski navette rhinestones and settings
  • 1 2 x 40 mm curved gold tube
  • 1 flat glue on post
  • 1 stabilizer clutch
  • E6000
  • 1 pair pliers
  • 1 pair wire cutters
  • hammer
  • toothpick

Now just follow these simple directions and you'll have a sparkling ear cuff of your own

  1. On a flat surface, hammer curved gold tube flat
  2. Using your toothpick apply E6000 to affix glue on post to bottom of flattened tube.  Allow to dry
  3. Once dry, turn over and apply a generous amount of E6000 to curved bar.  Place Swarovski rhinestones in pattern of your choice.  Be sure to add glue along sides of rhinestones where they touch for extra support.  Allow to dry.
  4. Use wire cutters to clip off any access metal

NOTE: If your ear cuff doesn’t stay up on your ear, you can glue a piece of wire bent to the back of the ear 

The first ear cuff I made

The first ear cuff I made

A slightly more subtle variation

A slightly more subtle variation

Not sure how to wear an ear cuff?  

  • Tuck your hair back
  • Avoid statement necklaces and let the cuff speak for itself 
  • Wear day or night

If an ear cuff isn't your thing, you can craft statement earrings or a necklace pendant using the steps above. 

happy travels