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Spring has arrived in my closet

closet tour spring

It's been a long winter because SASKATCHEWAN and although I love the knits and layers that cool weather allows me to wear, I'm happily ditching those items in cardboard boxes that I'll soon forget all about until next year. No longer do I need a layering sweater, a cabled cardi, a chunky scarf, and a heavy coat to keep from dying in the cold! Nope, Spring has finally decided to grace us with its presence. And though this boxing-up of winter goods is still ongoing, there has been some progress made in that nutty closet of mine. And I couldn't resist taking some photos of the colour changes that are happening.

By the end of the season, my sweaters were just piled randomly on my shelves, resulting in an uninspiring mash-up of colour and texture. In the box they went!

But I don't just have boxes laying around... those winter vessels housed plenty of whites, linens, and breezy numbers I'd packed away last autumn. And though I do try to be careful-ish when I fold and pack, the steamer was my friend here. I don't want to put anything in my closet that's not completely ready to wear because otherwise, I won't wear it!

After I steamed my garments, I hung the blouses sorted by hue. Doesn't it look inviting?

And my breezy cardis got the same colour-coordinated treatment. I keep cashmere and wool cardigans year-round in my closet because they're breathable, soft, easy wears. (See, husband? They really are investment pieces!)

It thrills me to see my white pants again! And they fit into this spectrum so beautifully, one would almost think them a colour.

My non-denim blue and greens.

I love florals, both literal or implied with lace. 

An array of jean shorts met me from out their cardboard container. I plan to further chop a few to give them some new life in a new length.

Even my dressform got into the spirit of Spring, shedding her fur stole for a loose-knit infinity. I hope you'll have a chance to switch your own wardrobe over to this season soon if you haven't already... regardless if it begins as a work-in-progress as mine is.


Invitation Station

Invitation Station

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