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Skin is in!

One of the biggest beauty trends right now is natural and radiant looking skin.  You have heard it time and time again: the better your skin is, the better your makeup will look. Truth!  With so many products on the market it can be very overwhelming.  How does anyone know where to start?  By knowing what some of the key ingredients found in good skin care are and what they can do for your skin, you're off to a great start. The right skin care can dramatically improve your skins appearance and slow down signs of ageing.  Who wouldn't want that?!


Beneficial and proven ingredients in skin care to look for include:


1. SPF!  The number one skin ager is the sun!  That's right, the sun!  Your sunburn selfie isn't going to get my sympathy.  You are only asking for trouble and let's not even mention the C-word.  You can still get a tan with sunscreen.  Use it everyday, remembering your ears, hands and neck. A SPF 25 is recommended.

2. Benzoyl Peroxide.  Do you have active breakouts?  Benzoyl peroxide has the ability to penetrate into the hair follicle and kill the bacteria that cause acne.  I apply this at nightime because it looks like toothpaste and no one wants to wear that out of the house.  It has a low irritation rate.  Start with a concentration of 2.5% and build to 5%.


3. Salicylic Acid. It is also known as Beta Hydroxy acid (BHA).  This is my holy grail skin care product for so many reasons!  It is a brilliant exfoliant, anti irritant, anti inflammatory (it's a derivative of aspirin), it improves skins thickness, improves collagen production, has antimicrobial properties, and is a key ingredient in preventing  breakouts!  It has the ability to exfoliate the surface of the skin as well as inside the pores . This in turn leads to fewer breakouts, whiteheads, and blackheads.  Use this daily and I promise you will have smoother skin overnight.  Look for concentrations of .5% to 2%.

4. Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA).  This is suitable for normal to dry skin.  It is a proven anti ageing ingredient.  AHAs gently exfoliate rough, dry, and sun damaged skin.  They can smooth wrinkles and uneven skin tone. They aren't as effective on acne prone skin because they only treat the surface of the skin.

5. Retinol.  Also know as vitamin A, this is a proven anti-ageing ingredient.  It helps the skin to look younger, appear smoother, and improves discolouration.  It is best applied at nightime. Use it sparingly because it can cause irritation if you use too much.  It can be combined with AHAs and BHAs.  You must use a sunscreen when using retinol because it can cause photo sensitivity.  Only about 50% of users can tolerate it because it can cause dryness, redness, and flaking so if you are sensitive, start with three times a week.  For those who can tolerate it, it's worth it.  Do not use retinol several days before getting a wax.


6. Serums.  Well formulated serums are full of antioxidants and anti ageing ingredients.  Signs of damage are reduced.  Skin acts and looks healthier. They stimulate collagen production. They are suitable for oily skin types and you may not need a moisturizer after using one.  They are some of priciest formulations and are often in smaller packaging because of their low water content and the liquid gold inside them.

I am a huge fan of Paula's Choice products but you can find really great products such as Neutrogena, Neo Strada, and Cetaphil right in your local drug store.  Paula's Choice has a referral program and a money back guarantee.  Use this link to receive $10 off:

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