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Welcome to our blog. We're ten girls documenting our adventures in #yxe. Hope you have a nice stay!


This detox wasn't a liquid quick fix, or cabbage soup diet. It was a kick start to a clean whole food lifestyle. It has a huge yummy menu with delicious recipes for 4 weeks straight. I certainly didn't starve, but no uppers (cafe) or downers (vino) were hard to get used to. After 3 days or so I was good to go! With only a few tears shed... 

Above you'll see a bit of what I ate: yams, salmon, avocado, lemon, legumes, nut butters, chicken and almond milk were my staples. As well as brown rice protein smoothies. A note on protein powders. I stay away from whey, gluten and any protein other than brown rice and pea. And take a look at the carbohydrate amount per serving. Many almost max out your daily limit at breakfast. That doesn't leave you any room for rice crackers & hummus or brown rice with dinner. 

My morning smoothie really saved me. I was full till shortly before noon, and was able to make really healthy choices on a full stomach. Here's a few fav things I add to my smoothies:

EFA oil (2 tsps) - essential fatty acids

frozen berries

almond butter//almond milk or coconut milk

kale (handful)

ice cubes, needs to be SUPER cold

VSL pro biotics

and brown rice//pea protein powder of course

Here are some snacks//light lunches that really satisfy. A cut up apple with almond butter was my go to late night snack. Sautéed greens with eggs and salsa, or with eggs, beans and asparagus are great lunches. The slow process of washing fruits//veggies in this chaotic fast paced world was therapeutic for me. And making my food pretty, taking a sec to snap a photo, savouring it knowing it's all my body needs was wonderful. I felt calm and nourished. 

So I have to say, I didn't realize until writing this post, and seeing the above image, what a difference a month can make! I lost 10 lbs and in all the right places. So worth it. It often feels impossible, and I told my hubby many times that I just had to accept my new (post 3 babies) body. But now I fit into my closet full of clothes and that makes me happy. I plan to continue this new healthy way of eating. I feel so good and realize that I simply was eating more than my body needed. Yay! 


Thanks y'all. I sure hope to encourage you and not make you think that you need to be a certain weight or size to be happy. But I can honestly say that staring into a closet of clothes I'd 'grown' out of wasn't good for my psyche. They fit now! And all it took was a little commitment and follow thru.



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