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winter tablescape

Pears + wooden bowl + gold (thrift) placemats = holiday party-esque! I'd love it you'd 'read more' to see our dark winter holiday table. 

I had texted Rox a picture one day of a dark table. We have to do this! Of course, Rox had the exact same idea so we thought we'd bring them together. Above is her creation for the Tonic holiday party. The next day we got together to elaborate on it. 

Many of the items we used Rox already had in her repertoire. But that certainly didn't stop me from hitting up value village. I got a ton of stuff that I'll save for future dinner parties. 


 I think in my 30's I really started to trust my gut instinct. If I see something & decide it's beautiful I'll just grab it. If ever I waited to 'think' on it, it would be gone!

Plus, if you love it, most likely there is someone else out there that will too. And does it really matter? Just gather things that make YOU happy. 

Like cheese. 

Food styling by my lovely friend +fellow OCM blogger Rox, who literally tosses food and it ends up looking amazing! 

We had so much fun with this tablescape. Gracefully (not) throwing food about and creating something dark and mysterious. I think this would be a fabulous dinner theme for any winter party, not just Christmas. 

Gold placemats found at Value Village and flowers via Blossoms will also be showcased in my home this winter. Enjoy! 

idea & design by Tammy & Roxanne 

photography by Boehmer Photography

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