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meal train

I had no idea how crucial support was with baby #1. I thought it would be dreamy and perfect and I'd sleep and cuddle baby all the time. And that would be all I needed. Ahem. Anyone who's been there knows, it's not that way all the time. 

With lack of sleep, still looking pregnant, and hormones raging the world can be a little daunting with a new one. Plus I had no idea how to breastfeed and my nipples bled. Yup, I just went there. So more than anything I want to reach out to friends and their little ones and do what I can to help.

When two of our OCM girls announced that they were expecting (#1 and #3 for the girls) I thought it would be lovely to organize a meal train. We had a ton of support and delivered the first round to Jocelyn. And now with Maygen having had her little darling, she's on the list as well!

As my hubby always says 'ya gotta carb up!', aka. loads of delicious home baked goodness as pictured above. Keep momma's energy going strong!

And for Joc, baby #3 meant less time to feed her other kidlets. It's just so different with 3. It really is, but that's an entire post in itself. 

A few gifts thrown in as well... 

And kisses for good measure.

Anyone in your life expecting a new family member soon? Here's my go-to rules for visiting.

1) make her a tea while you're at her home, but never expect the new mom to cater to you. She may not even want to visit. Just offer her support in any way she needs.

2) bring a treat! a latté//take-out salad//fresh fruit are great ideas

3) always do one thing to help. Throw in a load of laundry, do the dishes, play with the siblings, rock the baby. Anything!

4) wash your hands

My hope is that this will inspire you to start a food train for the newest momma in your life!

Let's Do Brunch

Let's Do Brunch

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