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I teamed up with friend and very talented Kassy Moen of Capelli Salon Studio last week to bring you a super easy makeup and hair tutorial for the holidays.  We did our best to make it as easy as possible for you by using minimal products and steps. Because Kassy is our guest blogger today we will begin with her totally gorgeous hair tutorial .  Stayed tuned for the makeup tutorial tomorrow!



I was so thrilled to be asked to collaborate with the lovely Lisa Hallam Makeup Artistry and the oh so talented Karyn Kimberley who kindly photographed our session.  I've decided to share one of my all time favourite, go to hairstyles... the chignon.  This is a super versatile up style that you can dress up or down and can be worn sleek and sophisticated or soft and romantic.  For todays post I'm going to show you a soft romantic version on our model, Kristen.  So grab a couple of elastics and some bobby pins and lets get down to business!

Here are a few things you will need to have on hand for our tutorial today.  A curling iron, I used a 1" Diana The Hunter Iron, bobby pins, and elastics. I have a super cute travel kit full of elastics, pins, and clips.  I used a hair form (I'll explain what the heck that is in a minute!), and hairspray.

We are going to start by curling the hair with a 1" barrel curling iron. The size of of your iron will determine the tightness of the curl.  A smaller barrel size with give you a tighter curl, while a larger barrel will give you a looser wave.  Then we are going to divide the hair in half.  Take a tall comb and start at one ear and make an arc over the other ear, creating a horizontal part. Clip the top away for later.

Next we're going to take the bottom half and simply pull in into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck.  After the ponytail is secured we're going to unclip the top section of hair.  All we want to do here is backcomb the hair at the crown of the head.  We don't want to backcomb all the way to the front of the hairline because that will disturb our curls at the front!

So I'm going to share a hairstylists secret with you lovelies!  The secret to a full, voluminous upstyle is the hair form.  Hair forms come in many shapes and sizes and are made of different material.  Nylon donut shaped forms are for creating the perfect top knot, which is very poplar! For today we're going to use a synthetic hair form that is more of a croissant shape(I'm actually eating breakfast while I write this).  I'm going to nestle the hair form right up against the backcombing that we just did in the crown and pin it in place.  This will create fullness and volume that will last ALL day!  If you don't have a form on hand, don't panic!  You can pick on up at Capelli Salon Studio or simply go without.

Now pull the rest of the hair back over the backcombing and hair form down to the first ponytail we made.  Gently rake the curls into place with your fingers and spray in place.  This will create that soft, romantic wave and will cover the backcombing.  Then secure this with an elastic on top of the ponytail we secured earlier.

Now the two ponytails have become one.  The next step is to take an elastic and slide two bobby pins onto it, one on each side.

Flip the ponytail up.  Slide one bobby pin just above the ponytail.  Stretch the elastic over the underside of the ponytail and secure the second bobby pin on the other side.

Now pull the ponytail back down.  Tuck the end under and secure with bobby pins.

Voila!  Thank you so much to our lovely model, the incomparable Kristen Antunes.  And a big thank you to Our Collective Muse for inviting me to take part in this super fun tutorial!


Happy Styling,

Kassy Moen


Kassy is the Hair Colour Director at Capelli Salon Studio and a Aveda Certified Colour Educator.

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