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Behind the Scenes at Global Morning News

Behind the Scenes at Global Morning News

When Our Collective Muse was asked to be do a segment on Global Morning News, we were so excited, not to mention very flattered.  We decided to take some behind the scenes photos, with the help of our friend Desiree, so that we could share our experience with you!

When we first arrived at the Global studio for our call time at 7:15 (I may have been a few minutes late), we were greeted by the friendly face of Joelle Tomlinson.  Joelle helped us put on our mics (should have rethought those statement necklaces) and tried to ease our nerves.  

Before we knew it, we were brought into the studio, where we got to see Lisa Dutton reporting the morning news.  So many lights, cameras, and green screens.

We found our way to the set we would do our segment from, and watched Lisa do her thing.  She was such a pro and didn't even flinch.  Because her microphone was turned up so high, we were told we could talk amongst ourselves and that our audio would not be picked up (pretty cool)! But, we decided to whisper anyways :)

Lisa made being on TV look easy, but we can assure you it was not for us!  She asked us questions we surely knew the answer to, but somehow, we could only manage to mumble our way through them.  

And before we knew it, phew, it was over.  We were left thinking, what did we say?!  We were soon getting texts from the rest of our OCM crew, friends, and family, telling us they just  watched us on TV and that we did great.  Thanks guys!

If you haven't already seen it, you can watch the video of our segment below.  We had a little trouble embedding the video, so just make sure you click the arrows in the bottom right corner, so that it is large enough to view.  You can also watch the video here:

To view in full size, click the arrows in the bottom right corner of the video,

A big thank you to Lisa Dutton, Joelle Tomlinson, and the rest of Global Morning News.  This was an amazing experience.  Another thank you to the rest of our Our Collective Muse friends for trusting us to represent the group, especially Desiree who got up at the crack of dawn to take these photos. And to Roxanne from Tonic, for supplying Kelsi's wardrobe.  

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