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Makeup that is getting you noticed for the wrong reasons


As you know I LOVE MAKEUP!!!  It has the most incredible power to lift a women's spirit by enhancing her own beauty. But then there are also some other kinds of makeup that really aren't doing any women any favours.  People are always asking me what they can do to enhance the makeup they wear and the truth is there is really is so much(and I'm still learning!).  So I thought it might be easier to start with a smaller post about a few makeups miss fires that are best left on the runway!

The good old cake face.  Ladies there is nothing worse than too much foundation.  If you have something you would like to be covered use a separate concealor for those targeted areas and pair it with a sheerer foundation to even out your skin tone.  You should always see some of your natural skin showing through your foundation.  If you don't you will look like your wearing a mask.  And don't even to try and cover those freckles….

Clown blush.  The purpose of blush to give us a nice healthy glow.  Blush can make any makeup come to life.  The best place to place blush is between the hollows of our cheeks and our cheekbones. Placing it lower will draw the face down.  We want to lift our face up not drag it down.

The spider lash.  I love a nice full lash just as much as the rest of you but if I notice your mascara before your beautiful eyes that's not a good thing.  Mascara's purpose is to enhance your eyes not to have their own show. Try using a lash comb to remove the excess and you can even get a few more uses out of that nearly dead mascara by swiping the wand off with a paper towel.  Doing this will remove the dry mascara that is causing those nasty clumps.

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The panda eye. This is not a smoky eye this is a panda eye!  Too much black is overwhelming.  Try using a black eyeliner and a dark chocolate brown eyeshadow to create a sexy and even more flattering smoky eye.  The smoky eye is more of a technique than a colour choice. It can be created using almost any colour. Start with the darkest colour at the base of your lashes followed by a slightly lighter one the lid. Making sure to blend as you go to avoid harsh lines.   


Contouring like a clown.  I posted this picture the other day saying it was me.  It does kind of look like me but it isn't.  Some people didn't quite get that is was a joke but it most definitely was!  Contouring is an great makeup tool but not when it's used like this. Contouring and highlighters can do wonders to enhance your features. But please don't paint stripes all over your face. This is a technique is best done with a light hand and some careful blending.  If it's not done well trust me it just going to looks like stripes.



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