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Maternity Wear

Maternity Wear


I have been asked numerous times about me doing a maternity post. Well, here ya go ladies. It's nothing fancy and going through my images have only noticed that I have worn the crap outta this plaid  button up above. I have to admit though... I love it! and I splurged on it at Artizia. It feels too good not to wear it non stop.


Flowy top, normal jeans with the top button undone and a bella band on. If you wear a long enough top no one will ever suspect it/see it. 

However this is the norm with baby number one. When it's your third you tend to show super fast. Well when your torso is 5 inches tall like mine, you'll show far quicker and larger then taller women.

red/coral lips are always fun too. Will give them something to look at rather then your growing tummy your'e trying to hide.

photo credit: Tammy - Boehmer Photography

Jacket- winners a few years back

jeans - American Eagle- stretchy comfy

top- American Eagle


jeans- American Eagle with Bella band

covered it with Jean jacket to minimize tummy area

shoes- Free bird- Steve Madden from Swank Shoe lounge

lips-  MAC- coral bliss

photo credit - Tammy - Mes Amis Studios / Boehmer Photography


Wearing a maxi dress - borrowed by a friend. Being on the west coast for this one certainly helped how I was feeling. 

Maternity sweater - motherhood (not my fav place by any means, but it was on sale)

Maternity jean shorts - motherhood ( again, sale and let's face it, Saskatoon has VERY little maternity stores to choose from... it's sad, really sad.)

hunter boots for a soggy west coast - swank shoe lounge 

tank top - A lovely swim wear boutique - Nettle's Tale. tammy and I came across to blog about from Vancouver. They have real swim suits for REAL bodies! It's a lovely place with lovely people.

jewelry - obviously sporting some new elizabeth.lyn

photo credit: Dara Ens from Grande Prairie



jeans- thyme maternity full panel. same as previous ones jus darker wash

shirt - cravings two pregnancies ago- dug it out of the tickle trunk. super comfy. The one time it is okay to wear stripes

bag - Kelly Moore Camera bag

beanie and jacket - american eagle in Vancouver

shoes - Franco Sarto - Vancouver 

photo credit: Tammy with Mes Amis Studios and Boehmer Photography


Jeans - thyme maternity. full panel with stretch

jacket - guys and dawls two years ago

black t-shirt - target maternity (very small section but good for random casual stuff)

lips - Bite - blood orange from Sephora

jewelry - elizabeth.lyn 

watch - Micheal Kors 

boots - jeffery campbells - swank shoe lounge


t-shirt - target (tar-jhay) - comfy and stretches and stretches yay

skirt - cravings from pregnancy #2 - full panel to stay up and made of lovely cotton

necklace - a cute new hand piece gem from a designer out of Montreal you can find more like it at Green Arc owned by the lovely Noah and Alli of Saskatoon.

dance party in the long towering grass with your sweet baby girl hurting your sciatic nerve to no end.... COMPLETELY PRICELESS AND WORTH EVERY SECOND OF PAIN!!! 


From here on out... I'm currently almost 37 weeks as I post this. Stick to comfy. loose waist bands and big comfy bras. You're on the home stretch. Do yourself a favour as well as keep all of your maternity clothes at hand. You'll be wearing them for a few months yet. Unless you're one of those assholes that leaves the hospital in her size 4 jeans.. I don't like you.ha ha

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sometimes I forget

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